PETRONAS Switch for XTRA Race Appreciation Party @ Delicious, Dua Residency

I believe most of you are aware of "Switch for XTRA Race" by Petronas! It is the second installment of last year's first-of-its-kind virtual race in Malaysia. I felt honored get to invited for the appreciation party which was held at Delicious, Dua Residency. The event is a special appreciation party to thanks all the supporters, together with the prize-giving ceremony too! 

Delicious @ Dua Residency
PETRONAS Switch XTRA Race Appreciation Party
Switch for XTRA Race, a social media campaign where 3 top local celebrities (Awal Ashaari, Scha Alyahya and Faizal FBI) and 1 celebrity blogger (Hanis Zalikha) were pitted together in a fan-fueled online race. Each racer need to get votes from their fans in order for them to move forward in the race. It sounds pretty interesting and challenging indeed! 

Host of the day

The event started off with brief speech and everyone just could not wait to wait for the result to be announced! Let's see who won the race! :D The most interesting part here was not only the racer get to win prize, but the top fans too! 

Hanis Zalikha

Hanis Zalikha, won the 4th place and her top supporters brings back PETRONAS Gift Card worth RM100-RM200 each. 

Awal Ashaari

Awal Ashaari, won the 3rd place and his top supporters get to bring back PETRONAS Gift Card worth RM100-RM200 each. 

Scha Alyahya

Scha Alyahya, won the 2nd place allow her top supporters get to bring back PETRONAS Gift Card worth RM100-RM200 each. 

Faizal FBI

Faizal FBI, the winning racer for the campaign! His first top fan walked away with RM5,000 and PETRONAS Gift Card worth RM200. The second top fan walked away with RM3,000 and PETRONAS Gift Card worth RM200 while the third top fan walked away with RM1,000 and PETRONAS Gift Card.

Well, the excitement did not end there. All 60 top supporters of the Switch XTRA Race could have chance to spend time with their favorite celeb in a cross-country ride! They were invited to audition to join an exciting road trip with their celebrity racers in the Switch for XTRA Road Challenge. Two fans  per race also have been chosen on that day too!

Each team will be sent on a road trip to a location in Malaysia, where they will need to complete a challenge. As the campaign is fan-fueled through social media, these challenges can only be achieved with the help of the public. The journey will be captured on video and posted on Youtube. Each team will have two webisodes each, plus an introduction and a trailer. Sounds exciting!

Keep up with their hijinks, drama and suspense by watching their videos and reading their Journey Journals at these links: