Veet Does Magic To My Skin And Confidence!

Hi everyone! Is anyone here troubled with the amount of hair on your legs and arms like I do? I always dislike the unnecessary hair on my body and shaving them off is a routine I dislike because I had to do it often. The reason is because I love wearing shorts and skirts compared to wearing jeans and this led to my legs being exposed. And what other sights that are more awful than hairs on a girl's leg? Which is why I shave my leg often and the routine is very troublesome!

Well, before I proceed to it, I had prepared a special comic strip for this with Eric
Do enjoy!

I used to shave until I get to know about waxing! I bet none of us here love to shave, especially the girls and ladies, we definitely want to get rid of the rough skin and sometime the cut that causes the skin swell and turned reddish, it's really a no-no thingy for us. I was so in love with waxing right after my first waxing session and thinking of how hard to actually make appointment on the weekend and spending sum of money for that service, it kind of bring me down till the day I get to know Veet offers various range of products for hair removal! My-oh-my! I was so in love on how I can save the time and money on the products for me to use anytime I need without the hassle of making appointment to do so. 

Unlike shaving, waxing strips from Veet leave my skin smooth and soft and most importantly no more hairy legs! <3 What I love the most, I could simply show off my slim-but-not-long leg with my favorite short pant and mini skirt and even mini dresses at any occasions. Without Veet, I would definitely not wear all these amazing clothes if I ever forgot to shave one day. Veet boosts my confidence in showing off my short pants, skirts or dresses with my smooth pair of legs to compliment it! <3 

Veet is one of the fastest and easiest hair removing method! I knew it because I used and if you don't believe me, do check out the following videos!

Oh yes! Before I forgot, I am suppose to come out with my modified clothes. I wonder if the fairy could help me with it since that I am clueless about it.

The first combination! <3

And the second version! 

And as mentioned from the above, I not only can come up with one but TWO different combination from my  blouse! I could wear it at home, out for shopping, gathering with friends and even to dinners or parties.

This is my BEFORE transformation blouse. As you can see I could wear it at home since it looked casual.

The first version of the blouse's transformation! I could wear like this to gatherings and also out shopping.

This is the second version of the transformation! I could wear like this to parties and dinners and not much people would have thought it is from such an ordinary blouse that I wore at home! Pretty cool right?

That's all for my post! Thanks a lot for Veet for giving me the confidence to struts in some fabolous clothes without worrying about my body hair! So have you tried it?

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