BigBang Special – My Favorite Korean Things!

Big Bang is coming to Malaysia and EVERYONE knows that! What makes you think your truly do not want to be there?! It’s Big Bang! The kpop boy band that I have been admiring of since  the day I get to know kpop and that must thanks to my sister Flo for influencing me on this kpop thingy.

BigBang X Gmarket

BigBang - Gmarket

It’s a very very weird thing how actually I get into Kpop songs and slowly admire about the Korean language and more about Korea! I can’t deny that each language has its uniqueness and I get to learn Japanese language during my college time but not Korean language. So I actually have this silly thought of only if I could work with a Korean company and get to mingle work with bunch of handsome and cute Koreans could get me chances of learning Korean language for FREE and easily in a way! But hey, my dream comes true! In fact, the new company am working currently Korean company after I left LivingSocial Malaysia. Somehow, people would get surprised when I tell them that I’m working with “this company” as Big Bang is being one of the ambassadors for the company am in, of course am saying about Gmarket Korea and not Gmarket Malaysia (so it doesn’t really matter actually). 

You know the fun thing you can heard the Korean colleagues greeting each other with “Annyeonhaseyo” in the morning and you joined in too? It feels warm. But heck! I still did not get to learn much Korean language as they speak very fast and so I gave up and prefer to just learn it by listening through the songs. Now, let’s wish my company will bring us to Korea for the company trip! *winks*
Talking about Korean thing I love heh? For the foods of course! For those who know me well enough, kimchi is the least favourite of mine for its spiciness. Despite of enjoying myself with the Korean BBQ, I especially love the bulgogi! Bulgogi will always be my top choice and most ordered Korean cuisine. After my virgin experience of having authentic Korean foods at SoonDae Ya last year, I can’t deny my craving for Pajeon(Korean pancake), Bo-Ssam as well as the King-Donkatsu! Guess what? The great thing working with Korean people, they do know how to prepare Korean foods and am kinda looking for the day our Senior Manager actually cook delicious Korean dishes for us! Not only that, he is going to bring us to one of his most favourite Korean restaurant at Ampang to try the foods there too!

Oh! Did I mention I was quite surprised and amazed with the way Korean people work and also their culture in a way? Unlike Malaysian, they are more of a hardworking type and I guess they are categorized in workaholic type! Man, as much as I admired the way their performing at work, somehow I feel like telling them that they do need balance in work and personal life? Slowly, I found that they do try to adapt Malaysian lifestyle where people do have happy hour time, if you know what I’m trying to say here. :p You know what’s the best part? They have planned together with us for activities to get together and bonding sessions.

There’s so many to love for Korean things but the main part for me is still the KPOP SONGS! I mean seriously, I will feel there’s something missing without kpop musics! No, am not exaggerate thing out of here. Yes, you may say I could not understand what it is about but their music and melody just as unique as they are.  Big Bang is always the main one for their great songs! Let me share some of their songs with you here!

Sunset Glow by BigBang

Blue by BigBang

Monster by BigBang

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