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We love music and we always need music in our life! Don’t you agree with me? It doesn’t matter what type of music you love to listen to, it still brings something to you. If you ask me, I do feel music can a great companion for each song has its meaning and I have to admit that those lyrics somehow motivated me and even comfort me especially when I needed someone to be right beside me so badly. OK it’s not the time to get emotional at here! :P Yup yup! I have listed my favorite Korean things in my previous post and you should have known how I can go crazy for Kpop songs! >.< For a KPOP lover like me, I am extremely happy that I found a site that I can call it KPOP heaven!
If you do not know about this yet, quick and check out to enjoy the awesome experience of listening and watching kpop music videos on the go! I used to enjoy watching it on youtube but it seems that it just lack of something until I found! Just so you know that, eumakh (eum-ag) means music in Korean language. That explains how this site actually aim to cater to music lover especially KPOP lovers to enjoy listening to their favourite KPOP songs awesomely! I even have a list of how to enjoy the awesomeness offered by!
Various Music Video Channels
First! You could see there's various Music Video Channels under Channel tab! This will be always my favorite when I do not have any particular song that I would like to listen at that time and I will just go crazy when it plays my favorite new song! The next thing I will do is download the song and put it into my ipod! :P

Second! The big screen! Don't you just love to watch your favorite music video in bigger screen?! I can enjoy the full screen effect with and that is certainly one of the major loves for it! <3 I can't stop adoring how my favorite Kpop idols in huge screen, be it handsome, cute, macho, sexy, hot, etc!

Chatting with Facebook friends while watching and listening songs
Third! For the-awesome-right-side-bar in! You can see there's Chatroom, Friends and Songs List tab at the right side bar and that allows you to enjoy the awesome experience while watching and listening to your favorite music videos and songs!
  • Chatroom allow you to chat with other Kpop-ers that online at that time
  • Friends allow you to chat with your Facebook friends while enjoying your songs 
  • Songs List allow you to view your music videos history. What a hassle-free interface that you not need to open another tab or window to perform all of them at once!
My Favorite
Fourth! Various-features-tab! Not just Channel tab alone but also the Charts, My Favorites, Friends and Search tab on!
  • Chart allow you to watch and listen to the latest top music video songs that is on latest top chart and that also means you will be updated with whole lots of new songs! :D 
  • My Favorite tab allow you to enjoy your favorite songs that you have added into your music video library! See, it save your time to search for the whole list songs each time you are at!
  • Friends tab allow you to view and get connected with all of your Facebook friends that are using too! Don't you just love it when you get to do things at time?
  • Search tab allow you to search for your favorite music video or song (be it kpop or other type of songs!) while listening to your current song! Tell you what? It then will play all the song listed under your search result! I love this feature much for I could just listen all sort of covers for that particular song and get to know other talented youtubers who can really sing and with great voice!
Fifth! Last but not least would be the-most-awesome-buttons! These buttons are my major love for! They just work wonder and magic to me!
  • Replay button will never mad at me whenever I rape him for my favorite music video or song! "He" will just let me play and listen the same damn song over and over again without asking me to stop. I guess "he" also know what are my favorite song by now!
  • HD button will always let me enjoy the most awesome experience while watching my favorite music video at! *Imagine Big Bang G.Dragon and T.O.P in HD!*
  • "+" button always let me add my favorite music videos or songs into My Music Video Library without fail! 
  • Facebook & Twitter Sharing button that allow me to share my current song playing at ease! Great song are meant to be shared! :p
With ALL THE ABOVE, has become my favorite site and I'm just getting addicted with it! Oh before I end this, here's something for you guys! I am not sure what do you guys think about and why not just hop to and try it out! All you need to do is just go to and type this access code "CAROLINEMAYLING" and check out the fun at!

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P/S: Please let me know what do you think about the site too! <3

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