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My kind of Christmas Playlist!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas is definitely not just about festive and jolly, but also about getting together and enjoy the warm Christmas with family and friends. Sometime, I prefer my Christmas to be just a chilling session with everyone I love, enjoying hot cuppa drinks and simple feast, catching up with each other, filled with laughter and bonding session. 

I have a few playlists on my Spotify and my favorite playlist of the month of December is definitely the "Rustic Christmas". You can notice there's more songs from Boney M as that was mom's favorite and she has been playing it since we were kids. How nostalgic~

P.S: What I love about Spotify? I never download any songs to waste space on my lappy or computer, all I did is install the Spotify desktop application and enjoy all the songs for free as I wish! If you wish to win yourself a FREE premium Spotify account, just leave your comment and I would give the 3 LUCKY WINNERS each with a 3-month Spotify Premium gift card!

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