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Memorable Outing Moments with Fischer Fritz

Tuesday, November 01, 2011
It has been almost a month, from I secretly to openly having affair with Fischer Fritz, I enjoyed every bits of it. It isn't about perfection but the beauty of it. I have never will know the fun of lomography till I met Fischer Fritz.   Last Saturday, Fischer Fritz and I joined the lomography outing with the bunch. You and I both know how happy Fischer Fritz and Fritz The Blitz when Eric agreed to bring us for that outing.

Bidding goodbye to Fischer Fritz is the last thing I wish for now. You have taught me lots on the art of lomography. I will never forget every pieces of it. It feels so hard to let go of something you have started to fall-in-love-with. 

The Loblography Malaysia challenge is coming to an end and thanks a lot to Lomography Malaysia for sending Fischer Fritz to my life, appreciate it very much even it is just in a short period time. It truly open my eyes wider and get to explore the beauty of Lomography even it is just from the La Sardina can.

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