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People don't label me as a TRUE beauty junkie because am not crazy enough to spend money on every new cosmetic product that launched almost every other month. I always know what I wanted to buy when it come to cosmetic products. I always keep myself updated with almost all the new beauty trends as well as new product launches, be it in the US, UK and Asia. I am also willing to spend a big buck for a high-end cosmetic product for the quality and finish. That being said, if you want me to spend a big buck on your product, your product must be great enough to make me spend that money on it. 

In SASA, we can find tons of makeup brands for both drugstores and high-end product range. Today am going to share with you guys about Artdeco cosmetic brand that offers both great quality and worth the penny you spend on it. Artdeco has recently launched their Spring makeup collection and yours truly get to be one of the earliest to try out the awesome products! 

Artdeco Spring Makeup Collection

Spring is all about bright pastel-ish colors because it's a season that tells everyone soon they are going to enjoy the summer. Though, Malaysia is not a four season country, there's no wrong to enjoy different look with summer all year long! Makeup look is an art, a way for everyone to express themselves in every way they can. The Artdeco's spring makeup collection features various pastel colors for their eyeshadows; coral and bright lipstick color; soft pastel blush color; etc. I can't help but to adore each of them! 

Hello Mace!

We had Mace, the professional makeup artist for Artdeco that flew all the way from Germany to teach us step-by-step how to achieve that spring appropriate look! He uses all the products from Artdeco's spring makeup collection for this look. This guy is awesome, he made everything so easy to follow and achieve the look so effortlessly! 

Spring Makeup Tutorial

First, always apply eye primer to ensure your eyeshadow stick on your lid all day long! By applying and carefully blend the soft pastel color on the entire eyelid, then lining your eye with a bright eyeliner pencil, it opens up your eye look and make you look much more awake. Do not forget to apply tons of mascara to achieve that volumized false lashes effect without applying the falsie! Then, followed by a touch of coral-pinkish blusher on the cheeks and complete the look with properly lined lips, bright lipstick and a touch of gloss! Voila, now you have that perfect spring look! 

Carolyn - Caroline - Mace

After the demo, we get to do play with all the products from Artdeco's spring makeup collection too! Mace being really sweet for sharing us some awesome tips when it come to applying eyeshadow on hooded eyelids as well as lining the perfect lip shape for each lip shapes! 

p.s: Thank you SASA for inviting me to this Artdeco makeup workshop! (´∀`)♡

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