My Favorite innisfree Beauty Products!

Hey girls (and boys)ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゙

I know I am going to talk about beauty products, but the skincare part is suitable for the boys too! 

If you've read about my post on the launching of innisfree very first outlet in Malaysia, you'd know how much I love this brands! I used to purchase innisfree's products online and get it delivered to me all the way from Korea. The main reason I've been loving innisfree would be the natural ingredients used in all of their products, be it skin care or cosmetic. They have EVERYTHING that you need and I thought I can share with you what are my favorite products from innisfree!

I shall start with skin care products because innisfree do really have an extremely great skincare products that cater to every skin type. I am a huge fan of their Jeju Volcanic Line because it really helps to clear my troubled oily skin. Now that my skin is getting better, I gave it a try to their newly launched Whitening Pore Line. 

To be honest, I was really afraid to give this a try because whitening product is like the biggest enemy to my sensitive skin type. I've tried few whitening products in the past and stopped using them after a week because it breaks my skin out like crazy. I currently only have the Whitening Pore Cream (moisturizer) and Whitening Pore Eye Cream from this line and I only use the moisturizer during the day. For some reason, I am using two different types of moisturizer for day and night.

The Whitening Pore Cream consists of 73.8% fresh tangerine peel essence as well as lecithin, it delivers clear, smooth, luminous skin whilst strengthening its moisture barrier at the same time. What I really love about this product - it is lightweight and has an in-between-of-cream-and-gel texture to it that allows the cream penetrates fast int the skin. I really love to apply this as my base before I apply any foundation or BB cushion on my skin for its slight luminous effect that gives that glowing-from-within kind of effect on my skin! I do realize it kind of blur out my pores each time I applied it and after using this for quite a good amount of time, my pores around nose area are now visibly smaller than before! Most importantly, it doesn't break my skin out!

I can't live without eye cream in my skin care regime. The Whitening Pore Eye Cream contains 60.2% fresh tangerine peel essence and claims to offer whitening and wrinkle care effects. It also suitable for those who have sensitive skin around the eyes. I am very particular when it come to eye cream because some certain type of eye cream irritates the sensitive skin around my eyes. I love how this eye cream come in such generous portion too! A little goes a long way, you just need one pump for both eyes! After the application, I realize no more concealer/foundation creasing around my eye area, which is great! I couldn't really see how it help on wrinkle and fine lines yet, simply because I do not really have an obvious wrinkle around my eye area. I do really love how it moisturize my eye area.

Nail polish. If you're looking for a good quality nail polishes that won't cost you a bomb, please head to innisfree and buy them nail polishes! They offer quite a massive selection of nail polish colors from nude to bright to dark to glitters, as well as nail care products, at a super affordable price! I really love how opaque the color payoff after just one application, and it lasted me a good 5-7 days without chipping! My favorite nude shade would be no.78!

RM10 for a good color payoff nail polish, watchu waiting for?! ヾ(´▽`*)ノ

Capsule recipe pack mask. If you haven't heard of this yet, please get yourself plenty of them now! I enjoy using mask sheets, but I prefer the clay mask when it come to removing all the impurities from my skin. I always make sure I bring sufficient mask sheets and a capsule recipe pack mask whenever I travel abroad.

BB/Foundation cushion. This kind of product is one of the essential items for my everyday basic makeup routine. I've gone through 4-5 refills for my Laneige BB Cushion, but when you're having oily combination skin, you won't really fancy the dewy effect on your skin for long. I dropped by innisfree early February and get myself the long wear cushion that suitable for my skin type. I would say the cushion pact wasn't as squishy as the Laneige BB cushion, I still love the fact that it does keep the t-zone area shine-free for the longest time ever. However, it only provides sheer to medium coverage compare to Laneige BB cushion that give me the medium to full coverage. I have no complain about that because I can always cover acne spots and blemishes with a touch of concealer. The best part about this long wear cushion - it has SPF 50+ PA+++ that can protect your skin from the sun and CHEAPER٩(˘◊˘)۶

Eyeshadow pencil/stick. I love eyeshadow pencil, for how it really save up your time to get ready for any occasion! For some important events, I would use it as a base for my eyeshadow. But for my basic everyday makeup, I just need to apply this on my entire eyelid, the shimmer does brighten and wakes up my entire eye look. It has a very creamy formula and keep any eyeshadow on your entire eyelid all day long. Plus, you can easily blend everything with your finger without any blending brush needed in the process!

Last but not least, I am extremely in love with their lip product. I love the creamy tint lip in particular for the vivid color payoff of this product. It is a very creamy lipstick with vivid and long-lasting color. It has a matte finish, but it wasn't drying at all. If you're not up to bright colors for you lip, you can always use this as a lip tint by gently dabbing it on the center of your lips!

p.s: Do you have any holy grail innisfree products in your daily essential? Let me know by comment below! 

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  1. ooo i love volcanic line too!!i aso tempted to try the whitening but scared to creammy for my sensitive skin....

    1. Ikr! hahaa yea i was so scared to try, but it was not creamy at all! it's more of a gel texture! :D Super hydrating too!

  2. I love Innisfree too!
    The capsule recipe mask looks cute.
    The first skincare product I tried from Innisfree is the Jeju Sudachi Soothing Mask and I love it!

    1. The capsule recipe mask can be used 2-3 times depending on the amount u use each time! hahaha dats why love it! Oh haven't tried that yet, maybe i can check it out soon! :D

  3. I love cushions! I can't wear most foundations because they're so dry but cushions are better

  4. Capsule recipe pack mask look so interesting! tried their sheet mask before but this one look even more tempting!