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What do you normally do on the Sundays?

For me, if there's nothing planned for the weekend, I would just stay in and enjoy my weekend with my Planner or Traveler's Notebook or Project Life scrapbook. Today, whilst I was rearranging my stationaries, I found this bag from Noteworthie and just realized I have not seen what's inside it yet! This was included in the huge gift box from the recent #Markets15 by Jaya One.

Noteworthie has a colorful library of notebooks, a unique list of gifts, and an earth-friendly set of paper items. I thought I can share with you what I received from them and you might interested to get them too! There're two notebooks (regular and small size), a box of Goodness and also two pocket planners (2015)

Small Notebook

Each notebook reasonably priced at RM12 (regular size) and RM8 (small size). I really love how they designed the outer cover of the small notebook with inspirational quotes, it's just really motivated. Their notebooks are made of recycled paper, to ensures that no environmentally-damaging chemicals are used in their creation.

2015 Pocket Planner

Planners can never be any boring with these pocket planners from Noteworthie! It has a soft outer cover with bright and inspirational quotes, most importantly, you can carry it along wherever you go because of it pocket size! There're 11 designs that are available to choose from, choose the one that suit you best! Similar to their notebooks, each sheet is made from 100% recycled material. The papers are brown and unbleached. Priced at RM6 each. 

A box of Goodness

A box of Goodness contains 47 idea cards. They have few different box of goodness on their site which priced at RM12 per box. As you can see, Today's Advice box features decks of wisdom, a collection of adages from different cultures and generations. It's not a magic spell that revs up your spirits but it works like one. I really love how it somehow keep myself motivated throughout the day! 

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  1. wOOO.... these planner looks nice wor

  2. I'm a sucker for cute note cards with meaningful quotes on them too ^^