GTower Ramadhan Buffet 2015 - Masakan Kampung

Hey guys!

Is it too early for Ramadhan buffet? Well, this is just the preview only. I was invited by GTower to experience an array of best traditional Malay delicacies with the "Masakan Kampung" theme that they are going to offer to their patrons during the month of Ramadhan. The Ramadan Buffet Dinner will be held at GTower, Kuala Lumpur starts from 20th June until 14th July 2015. The tantalizing Ramadan Buffet will be serving traditional Malaysian cuisine with live cooking stations assuring the retention of natural taste and freshness of dishes. 

Here's where you can enjoy all the main dishes and also live cooking stations!

You get to enjoy rice selection such as Nasi Briyani, Fragrant Rice and Nasi Ulam.

The Rojak Singapura and Popiah Basah are available and will be prepared upon request. 

The clay-pot hot dishes menu features Ayam Panggang Berempah, Daging Masak Hitam, Daging Salai Masak Lemak Cili Api, Sambal Udang Petai, Ikan Pari Bakar dengan Asam, Tenggiri Mask Asam Pedas, and etc! Probably something that you can't simply get elsewhere, and they are good too. Fret not, because you'll get to enjoy all of the traditional Malaysian dishes here!

The main star dishes would be both Ayam Percik Istimewa and Kambing Bakar Enak. They are available at the live cooking station which will sure to please the guests with a penchant for traditional local spices delicacies. Please make sure you enjoy enough of these because they are really delicious, especially my most favorite Ayam Percik! It was so good that I had another serving of it! 

To add up to the highlight of the buffet, live cooking stations are serving oodles of noodles with robust flavors like Mee Rebus Rasa Pilihan and Mihun Sup Utara. I really enjoyed my bowl of mihun sup utara, the soup was really flavorful! 

An array of starters and appetizers!

For starters, appetizers on the spread cover an assortment of Mixed Salad & Kerabu Pucuk Paku, Sambal Dressing, Keropok & Papadom, Ikan Masin & Telur Masin, Jeruk Buah-buahan and a healthy of Ulam-ulaman. There's also another section where you can enjoy a selection of naan

Dessert section ;)

Kurma for appetizer or dessert

For sweet endings, guests get to enjoy a selection of fruits, cakes, traditional Kuih Muih Melayu, Ubi Rebus with Sambal & Kelapa Parut, and etc. Trust me, the kuih muih were all tasted really good!

Another must-have dishes - Sup Tulang Rawan and Bubur Lambuk.

Well, if you don't fancy the cakes for dessert, you can always opt for the Pulut Hitam or Ais Kacang Segar, or Cendol! I can't believe I am going to say this, but my most favorite desserts of the night were the traditional kuih muih and pulut hitam! Kudos to Chef Sherry for preparing such awesome feast for all of us! For you guys out there, you guys will have the chance to taste all the traditional Malaysian cuisine here at GTower starts from 20th June until 14th July 2015! Don't miss it!  

For more information please contact GTower at or call +603-2168 1919 ext 7028.

* Price: RM95 nett for adult


  1. Yummy food!! As usual I shall start with dessert. Maybe the onde onde first LOL!

  2. I like nasi briyani and ayam percik! Yum!

  3. But seriously, I never want to go to buffets anymore, cos can't eat that much and it's expensive!

  4. So Hari raya is fast approaching I assume? :D

  5. many delicious food to feast on. :D