Say Yes To Room Service!

It has been raining a lot lately. With the lightning and thunder outside, I just prefer to stay at home and avoid going out IF I don't have any meeting appointment outside. There's one rainy evening when I got hungry, too lazy to drag myself up to cook and the thought of food delivery came to my mind. 

When it comes to food delivery, I will always look for sites that provides good choices of food outlets, at least with the one that I always dine at. I came across this Food Delivery site called Room Service and spotted some of my favorite restaurants in the list too!

ROOM SERVICE, a Food Runner company, is THE one-stop food delivery portal for all your hunger needs. Served over 1 million hungry custoemrs, enjoy on-time food delivery to your doorsteps with our premium "hotel-like" service. We deliver from 11am-11pm, everyday, 365 days a year, rain or shine.

To get started, you'd need to create an account and you can proceed with selecting your desired restaurant from the list of restaurants available on the site. Each restaurant provided the complete menu as you find in the restaurant itself. *yay*

I guess it's easy to order if you're ordering from the usual restaurant that you normally dine at. As you can see, there'll be delivery charge and service charges on your bill. I personally think that the delivery charge quite expensive, especially when there's Nando's just 5-min away from my place. Well, if you look at it this way - I need not worry about finding parking; drive out and go through the jam due to the rain, it's pretty worth it this way. Of course, it is going to be well worth when you're ordering a large amount of foods! 

To complete the order process, you will have to fill in your address and make the payment online. Yes, this is another plus point I love about Room Service - online payment! There's no more worry of not having small change to make the exact payment when they deliver the food. 

Oh! Did I mention that Room Service will give you a call if there's any delay due to weather situation or order volume around your area? So far, I had pretty pleasant experience after ordered twice and my food arrived within 30mins! Everything was sealed and packed nicely, I also get to enjoy the warm food just the same as I could have in a restaurant. 

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