My Skincare Routine | Acne Prone & Sensitive

September was a rather crazy month for me, it was when I struggle really hard working my way to achieve back my clear skin. I also gotta admit that I've traveled a lot for the past few months and no, no way I am going to restrict myself from eating sinful delicious foods throughout my travelling period. Of course, there's always a price that I've to pay back for not taking care on my food intake - troubled skin. It slowly turns into a nightmare to me, especially when people start asking what happened to your skin? Why is it so many pimples already? I've tried almost everything - I went for facials, bought expensive acne-prone skin care products, fruit detox, vegan diet, stopped eating any food with dairy products, chocolates and nuts, etc. None of these really work and it was really frustrating to see new pimples popping out after the old one gone. 

I guess I was lucky enough when there's few clinics actually offered me treatment to cure my troubled skin. I went to Sliq Clinic for the SilkPeel™ Dermalinfusion treatment that truly helped clear up most of the pimples at one treatment; I also went for the Platinum Purified Therapy facial treatment at esmé Clinic last week which I'm going to blog about it soon. The best of all, Dr Christina from Klinik Christina Chea offered to treat my acne prone + sensitive skin and help me to achieve my clear skin. 

After the first consultation with Dr Christina, I was given three skin care product (cleanser, moisturizer and active serum) along with antibiotics to be taken for a month. These are the basic products that you need for your skin. Though, depending on your skin condition, you might need more products to nourish it properly. I realize that my skin got overly dry when I first using the cleanser and the moisturizer doesn't moisturize my skin well that I need another product to properly moisturize my dry skin. When it comes to additional skin care products, I will always go for products that contains only natural ingredients - Linden Leaves. This way, it will not irritate my sensitive skin. 

I have two different types of mask from Linden Leaves - Clay Cleansing Masque (with manuka and comfrey) and Moisture Repleneshing Masque (with fennel and green tea). 

How I Use? 
I normally use the Clay Cleansing Masque once or twice every week. (Oh, I've blogged about it HERE) It is formulated to gently and deeply cleanse the skin and lift away impurities, removing excess oil from the pores while improving skin balance and tone.  
I use the Moisture Replenishing Masque as my sleeping mask most of the time. It is formulated with nature's aid to restore balance, revitalize and revive aging, dull or dehydrated skin.

No, you don't have to own all of these. I have them for different purpose and it is always depending to my skin condition - Porcelain Brightening Serum (with organic white tea and wild daisy flower extract), Regenerating Elixir (with organic white tea and kiwifruit) and Miraculous Facial Oil (with organic white and organic roseship oil). 

How I Use? 
I normally apply the Porcelain Brightening Serum in the morning. I also love to mix it with my foundation or BB cream as it does give me the healthy glow even after I apply my makeup. It is formulated with effective natural skin correcting ingredients to brighten, balance and to help fade the appearance of dark spots and age pigmentation for a smoother and more radiant complexion. 
If you read my past blog post about this Regenerating Elixir, you'd know I normally mix it with my facial moisturizer at night. It helps to minimize the appearance of elemental damage, fine lines and wrinkles, by plumping, firming and renewing the skin.  
Depending on my skin condition, when it gets too dry, the Miraculous Facial Oil is a necessary step in my night time skin care regime. Even when I am now having acne prone skin, this facial oil didn't break my skin out but moisturize my skin well. It is elegantly blended natural ingredients to give your skin the ultimate indulgent facial, revealing instant hydration, smoothness and brightness. Not only that, it is also high in anti-oxidants that helps to protect the skin and help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! 

Of course, never neglect your lips too! I can never live without lip balm in my daily life. I have a super dry and chapped lips. I've also tried quite a number of lip balms and truly impressed with this natural Lip Balm (with organic white tea and manuka honey) from Linden Leaves. It is so far the ONLY lip balm that truly moisturizes my dry and chapped lips! What makes it different than the rest of drugstore lip balm that I've tried? There's no need for me to reapply it several times in a day, it locks the moisture in my lips after first application in the morning!

The second thing that I can't live without especially during the day is hand lotion! I hate it when my hand feels super dry and you can always find a hand lotion in my bag because I need to reapply it every few hours in a day to keep my hand well moisturized. Though, this Herbalist Hand and Nail Treatment amazed me well, it is not only moisturizing to my hand but also nails

It is formulated with a blend of sage extract to stimulate circulation, mulberry extract to minimize sun spots and reduce inflammation; aloe vera to moisturize; soothe and minimize irritation; evening primrose oil to nourish and hydrate; shea butter with anti-oxidant properties to moisturize, soften and regenerate; sesame oil, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E.

p.s: It may seem that I have tons of products to apply on my skin. Again, it really depends on my skin condition, whether I have to apply them all or just the basic steps. That's all about my current skin care routine! How about yours?