Cute Android Mobile Game - GeoPet Saga

If you know me well enough, you'd know I only play Disney related games OR anything that is cute! Recently, I stumbled upon this game on Google Play Store called "GeoPet Saga" and boy, it's adorable!


GeoPet Saga is one of the most sensational mobile game on Android platform now. The game was launched on 18th September 2014 and now it already reaches more than 50,000 downloads. GeoPet Saga is a product of Kingsoft Co. Ltd. who developed one of the most successful online game in South East Asia, the JX series.


Kingsoft is also one of the earliest established software developments enterprise in China with Season Studio, one of their subsidiary company is heavily invested by Xiaomi, the fastest growing Android smartphone company in the world. With GPS, Kingsoft hope to reinvent the old-school online experience for a more mainstream, mobile crowd. They are attempting to create a real-time social gaming experience for their regional players. One of the many efforts for this is seen with the introduction of the Brawl System.


The option lets its players to search for other players in the South East Asia region to engage in a battle. Players will be able to interact with one another through this, a concept similar to MMORPG. As quoted by Mr. Simon Yan, the General Manager of Kingsoft (M) Sdn. Bhd and Overseas Department Director of Kingsoft Seasun in an interview with Mona Tan, an independent PR consultant - You can’t make friends without a fight in GeoPet Saga


Kingsoft aimed to cover the entire South East Asia by the end of this year and they will begin to look into expanding into global regions such as Europe and North America. Kingsoft has big plans for GeoPet Saga and it aims to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry with it.

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