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Have you heard of the Platinum Purified Therapy facial treatment? 

If you're having unhealthy digestion system, pimples would appear on either your face or back. I bet most of us have to agree that a proper extraction is needed to clean up the pimples on our face, but somehow in some cases, extraction procedure causes irritation of our skin that in the end worsen the skin condition. 

With Platinum Purified Therapy, there's no need worry about skin irritation. It is a unique detox procedure where it is able to solve heavy metal that cause skin sensitive, redness, itchy, acne, pimples, open pores, rough skin and dry skin

I've decided to give it a try and I shall share how's the entire procedure was done and how's my experience with this. The beautician started off with double cleansing to remove all the makeup dirts on my face. It is important to do double cleansing every night before you apply toner and moisturizer. I was first worried of the facial scrub cleanser that she uses on my face due to my sensitive skin. When you have a very sensitive skin like me, you have to gently massage your skin to avoid more breakout due to excessive rubbing on your skin. 

Instead of applying the mask, the beautician proceeded with purification step. These capsules contain flavonoids with gingko extracts with the natural whitening ingredients. The purification superconducting capsules act as the strong carrier to penetrate quickly into the skin cells. It activates the cell auto antibodies and remove the bad particles under the skin that have been accumulated for years, such as mercury, lead, heavy metal coloring.

Four active ingredients in the capsules:
Rose Whitening Factor - women's beauty saints, whitening, moisturizing, skin rejuvenation beauty, skin wrinkle multiple functions, especially in aging, yellowish pigmentation, sensitive and weak skin.
Stem Cell Extract - activation and repair damaged stem cells can stimulate the regeneration of human skin stem cells to reverse aging by increase skin tightness and elastic, reduce shrink pores and wrinkles.
Lycopene - rich in Vc, Va, Vb, Ve elements. Antioxidant enhance immunity, anti-aging, eliminate radicals
Trace Elements - by promoting enzyme mineral cations and cell regeneration, promote cell energy metabolism protection.

The beautician uses two capsules with ultrasonic purification superconducting at my skin surface. The entire process took approximately 10-15 minutes and remove the toxin by using paper towel. The darker the shade shows how greater toxin out from your skin. 

The beautician then proceeds with applying a thick layer of mask on my face and leave it around 30-40minutes. This purifying mask has an active ingredient - Tremella Polysaccharide Extract  - which is rich in natural vegetable gum, protein, vitamins that can enhance the skin's immune system, eliminate facial melasma and freckle effect. Through this step, the essences of the ingredients slowly release to penetrate the skin, which leaves the skin feeling cool and comfortable after remove the mask. Long-term use can make the skin white and delicate, soft and flexible, reduce facial wrinkles, facial melasma fade and it could also restore muscle fatigue.

After removing the mask, the beautician uses the remaining of collagen essence and massage it all over my skin as well as did the lymphatic drainage massage too. As you can see, my previous dry and skin with redness has turned well moisturize and the redness reduced significantly. I was pretty amazed with my skin condition the next day, especially when I see no dry patchiness after applied my makeup the next day!

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