Blue Mountains - Echo Point, Scenic World, Katoomba Falls

After we are done with the quick exploration of the Katoomba town, we took the shuttle bus up to the Echo Point at Blue Mountains. It was surprisingly wasn't that cold up there, thanks to the warm sun!

There's a large and spacious area for visitors to take photos of the scenery around the peak. If there's a lot visitors, you might need to wait for them satisfied with the photos of the view that they took before you can sneak in and take amazing photos of your own. 

Here's the panorama of the entire view and of course, the The Three Sisters. The Three Sisters located at Echo Point Katoomba also known as the Blue Mountains' most significant landmark. It is also represents the three sisters who, according to Aboriginal legend were turned to stone. Each of the Three Sisters stand at 922, 918 and 906 meters tall. If you are interested to read about the legend, you may check them out at HERE!

There's also a trail to go down towards another platform that allows visitors to take even better photo of the view and The Three Sisters! There's no way for me to stand at right there! It was too high up and I have a fear of height. (ノ´ロ`)ノ

And... Here's a must-take photo with the boys... I mean the view. 

We also stopped by at the Scenic World. It looks quite fun from the outside until the moment we entered and found out what's it all about. You'll get to choose either the Scenic Railway, Scenic Walkway, Scenic Cableway or Scenic Skyway.

Just so you know that the Scenic Railway is one of the man-made tourist attractions in Australia is also the steepest railway incline in the world! The ride takes you down the steep descent past Orphan Rock, through a tunnel and the beautiful fern-damp cliff face. The Scenic Cableway is the steepest aerial cable car in Australia that going to take you on a 545 meter ride into the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area rainforest of the Jamison valley. Also, the magnificent Scenic Skyway with a glass bottom floor, can carry up to 84 passengers across the Jamison Valley at a height of 200 meters. The popular option for visitors into the valley via the Scenic Railway, stroll along the Scenic Walkway and ascend to the top via the Scenic Cableway.

Poor Eric and Grey couldn't enjoy any of these because of me! They knew I can't handle the height and they didn't want to leave me alone up there. (๑•́₋•̩̥̀๑)

Instead of waiting for the shuttle bus to come, we decided to join a couple of visitors to walk towards the Katoomba Falls. It was only a few meters away from the Scenic World and we totally enjoyed sightseeing as we walked.

To get to the Katoomba Falls, you will need to walk quite a distance through the pathway. It was quite a nice walk though, and there's no worry about the safety being in the jungle-ish area as there's other visitors too. We reached to yet another platform with a bench to sit and rest whilst enjoy yet another breathtaking view from the top!

From the platform, you're able to see the Katoomba Falls on the other side! We spent a good 15 minutes there before walked back to catch the shuttle bus back to the Katoomba town and then take the train back to the city and reunited with our friends.