All I Want For Christmas Is

...anything KATE SPADE! I am currently in love with anything about Kate Spade! My friend also got me the Cedar Street Dot Lacey polka dot purse during her recent trip to the UK! If you noticed, the design of Kate Spade handbags, purses, jewelries, mobile phone casings are all super sweet, cute and feminine. If you don't like anything too colorful, they have it in monochrome and soft pastel color that totally perfect for any occasions! How to not fall in love with this brand?

These bags can be really expensive if you can't find a really good deal, especially when it is not on sale. I normally will keep an eye on its official website before Kate Spade finally opened a store in Malaysia. We all know that the price is varied from the official site since it is shipped to Malaysia. Now that I plan to get one of these lovely Kate Spade handbags as a Christmas gift for myself, my sister and mom, I know I have to really hunt for a better option and compare the prices from several sites in order to not burn a huge hole in my wallet. 

I was so glad that I stumbled upon this site - iPrice Singapore! There's so many other brands (designers and non designers) on the website and yes, you'll be spoiled with the choices too! The user-friendly interface makes shopping through the site much easier too. Beware, it can be pretty addictive to shop on this site!

Of course, if you're worried about shipping from Singapore why not grab awesome, great deals from iPrice Malaysia ? (。´∀`)οΎ‰