Blue Mountains - Katoomba | Sydney, Australia

The rainy days here in Malaysia always remind me the cold weather during winter in Sydney. I miss layering my clothes with sweaters and coats, wearing gloves and boots, and exploring the city in such pleasant cold weather. Sydney is not only about the city center. If you wish to explore another side of Sydney, why not head to Katoomba at the Blue Mountains? We decided to visit Katoomba on one of the days during our trip in Sydney

The weather in the Blue Mountains during the winter was extremely cold! It's colder than the city center, hence please make sure you layer enough sweaters to keep yourself warm and comfort. 

The train ride to the Blue Mountains takes approximately 2 hours. You also get to enjoy the sightseeing during the train rides heading to the Blue Mountains, unless if you chose to sleep throughout the journey like me. :p

The town of Katoomba wasn't as busy as the city center. People seem to enjoy a more laid back life up here. You won't get to see any big shopping malls around Katoomba, there's more hispter-ish shops and cafes around too! We also found a shop that selling antiques and vintage stuff that I wish I can bring them back with me!

We decided to walk around the town while waiting for the next shuttle bus to bring us up to the Echo Point. I really love how peaceful the place and friendly people everywhere too. We also found the restaurant that selling the famous Asam Laksa here too!

Don't mind us, we're just trying to take "arty-fartsy" photos there. (๑´⍢`๑) Trust me, you can definitely take tons of nice photos on every single corner of the town! The walls are full of art too! 

This is my favorite place in the town, where all the supermarkets are located together. I can really spend my own sweet time checking out all the items selling in there. Things are so much cheaper and I can't believe I bought a pack of 9 fresh kiwis for A$0.60 ONLY! Yummy and sweet!

As we walk on, we found a shop selling fresh ingredients for baking and pastries. You can never feel tired walking in this town because you're going to fancy everything that you see. I will be sharing more about Echo Points in my next post. Please do visit the Blue Mountains if you ever visit Sydney!

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