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Garage51 by Coffee Societe
With all the hipster cafes mushrooming around our area, Eric and I slowly plan our dates to do some cafe hopping to try out what are they offering in there. Most of our friends dislike our area in Subang Jaya for the crazy traffic jams everywhere, and that's explains why most of the time there's only the two of us enjoy the weekend brunch together. We finally set our foot together at Garage51 by Coffee Societe

Hazelnut Chocolate - RM12
I am never a coffee person. I would order the hot chocolate for every single cafes that we entered. To go for a change, I've ordered a cup of Hazelnut Chocolate for my drink that day. It didn't have any fancy or interesting art on the surface, but it certainly tasted way much delicious from some other cafe that I've been to. This is my go-to drink whenever I come here. 

Mochatella - RM14
Mochatella - RM14
Eric ordered the Mochatella, a pretty unique drink with the combination of milk and nutella flavored ice cubes. The art of drinking it is very simple - pour the milk into the glass of nutella flavored ice cubes. Eric loves it very much that he ordered another one for himself after he finished this one.

Awesome Garage Breakfast - RM22
Awesome Garage Breakfast. Eric decided to give this a try since it is the best seller and also a must-try in Garage51. It is a stack of bagel with baked macaroni, smoked chicken, homemade hash brown, poached egg and hollandaise. It may look small, but it is pretty filling. They are... perfect

Maria Parloa - RM19
Well, am not a fan of bagel. I opted for something similar to Eric's Awesome Garage Breakfast, this is what they named it as Maria Parloa. It has diced mushrooms as the base, then slowly stack with homemade hash potatoes,  smoked cured salmon, free range poached eggs with hollandaise. This is delicious and filling too!

p.s: We really love this cafe despite of we find it quite difficult to find the parking around the area.

Garage 51
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