Chocolate Chips Layered Cake & Cookies | Bakin'licious

Sweet treats from Bakin'licious! No, I didn't finish them all by myself. It was meant to be shared with my bunch of good friends. (´▽`ʃƪ)

Chocolate Chips Layered Cake
Bakin'licious has recently launched the new Layered Cake (known as Kek Lapis) for their customers. Trust me, it is never easy to bake one of these as it required extra effort on the layering process. I've ordered one Chocolate Chips Layered Cake and it was sent to my place right after the day I back from Sydney. yay!

Chocolate Chips Layered Cake
If you're someone who always complain a cake being too sweet, perhaps you can give this a try. It has such a soft velvety texture and tasted delicious, not overly sweet. Many of us always thought this type of cake seems quite dry, but this is totally different as it is moist inside. I am not saying it nice and yummy for the sake of saying it, but it also comes from Eric's family members and our friends who had it together with us. 

Bakin'licious Signature Creation - Durian Cake
I love durian! I thought it might be a good idea to try their signature creation - Durian Cake - too! Just so you know that it is made of 100% durian flesh with no added coloring, artificial flavoring or preservative. This is not the full normal size, I got it at such size for trying purpose which turns out a bad idea. 

Delicious Durian Cake
The durian cake is fragrant and has a pleasant durian taste of it! Again, it is just nice and not overly sweet. I guess, it's time to get the full loaf to enjoy over the afternoon tea. yums!

Dark Chocolate Chips and Danish Butter cookies
Who can say no to yummylicious homemade cookies?! Though am not a cookie monster, I can eat them all just by my own! (•́ ॣ·̫  ॣ•̀,)՞

Tasty cookies!
Danish Butter cookies and Dark Chocolate Chips cookies - they are rich in taste and crispy. My ultimate favorite still the chocolate one! I know it's very rude of me for showing you guys pictures of awesome homemade goodies without telling you guys how to get them. Well, here you go!

Check out Bakin'licious Facebook Page for more awesome homemade cakes and cookies, don't be shy to make your order, it's just a "pm" away! (。´∀`)ノ


RM70 for 3 loaves of Durian Butter Cake
(Usual price is RM45/loaf \\ Each loaf weight at 450g)