Happy 4th Anniversary, Eric

18th July 2014, marked our 4th anniversary. We arrived Sydney on the 17th July evening and finally meeting up with our good friends Lionel and MeiYee, of course the little baby Jared too!

Though I've said this many times before, we are just not the perfect couple who shares most of the common interest like other couples do. Some of our friends said that we are like cat and dog, dislike almost everything that other party loves. However, there's a thing that we both love to do together - travelling. We love to plan our adventure together and enjoy every bit of it. Each place we travelled, it left some sort of strange yet precious memories to the both of us, of course the bonding time together that we appreciate a lot too. 

Here's to more awesome adventures together! 
Happy 4th Anniversary to you, dear Eric! (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )