Fun In The Sun with Kiehl's!

If you know me well enough, you'd know how much I dislike the sun. It's hot and damaging to the skin. Perhaps, it is also due to my combination dry and sensitive type of skin that also one of the main reasons I dislike the sun. My skin tends to start peeling off, especially around the nose and jaw area, it's really freaking me out sometimes. Hence, I prefer to stay out of the sun. :(

Well, I guess things going to change soon! Thanks to The Butterfly Project as us girls going to check out the new Ultra Facial Oil-Free Formula range by Kiehl's this Sunday!

Why do I need 24 hours no-shine fresh hydration?
As I mentioned earlier, I have super dry and sensitive skin. I need a super good moisturizer to keep my skin moist and also for better makeup application result (no dry patches or flaky makeup look) or at least no more skin peeling. I am crossing my fingers hoping Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream is going to work like a magic and moisturized my skin throughout the day as well as no more oily T-zone please! 
What do I love about Kiehl's?
Well, if you haven't visited any Kiehl's store yet, you better do it now! The staff will welcome you with a smile and wouldn't mind to explain every single product that you wish to know if it is suit your skin type. The best part is... You can ask for FREE samples before making any form of purchase! Yes, this way you can try and test it at home and come back to buy if it suits your skin. Another plus point would be their giving money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with their products after using it for 28 days! Double yay indeed!

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