5-Min Makeover Challenge | Hair Depot

5-min Makeover Challenge. That's what I've put myself into just so I can win the new Auto Spin Curler from Hair Depot! The Butterfly Project *stares at mamasan Tammy* puts us 10 girls in this mini challenge and you had no idea how nervous we felt on that day. 

We were divided into 5 groups and all of us had no idea how to use the tools since it is auto spin instead of manual spin. Thank God that there's a demo before each group begins the challenge. 

Not only a demo, but we were also allowed to practice it before the challenge begins. I thought that was pretty easy after the practice. 

Choulyin and I were the third group to challenge each other and we were so freaking nervous at that time. It feels like as if we're going for some international contest! Well, that especially after the first and second groups told us that you kinda need some time to get used with the direction of the spinning in order to finish it fast. 

Thankfully, we were each assigned to an assistant to help us divide the section of our hair to ease the curling process. I remember my hand was shaking and got so panicked when I pressed the wrong button and hair got stuck due to wrong spinning direction. Oh! I have never imagined myself able to finish it within 5-min time. Never in my life that I can finish curled my hair in only 5-min!

Look at the before and after hair look! Ahh, am so loving the result! It didn't take long for me to get used with it and it definitely saves many, many girls out there in getting ready for their hair before heading out! It's really, really easy to use it, all you need to do is set the temperature and pick a strand of your hair; press the button and let it do the magic spin!

It was indeed a happy day for me as I won myself a unit of the Auto Spin Curler on that day! Since then, I have been using it often without any guilt for ditching my other curling tools aside. 

Huge thanks to The Butterfly Project and Hair Depot for the awesome fun experience for us girls! <3 You can get yourself the Auto Spin Curler at RM260 on Hair Depot site too!