What I've been working on lately...

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. - Colin Powell

The past few weeks had been very, very tough for me. Well, the company that I am working for has finally launched the 4 FOOD APPS on Google Play Store! Each and everyone in the team has worked really hard to make this thing happen for real. From the content to app design and features, not easy at all. Yours truly was the one in charge of every contents of the app and it was really tough... Because it's all about FOOD! Day and night, it's hard to stop myself from eating or end up purposely go out to find that particular foods just to fix my craving for it. No, I didn't get fat, thanks to my 18-year old metabolic age. 

Anyway, with these apps, you are able to drool yourself flipping over tons of recipes every single day; watch the video on how-to make the food you wish to; discuss  with other users on how-to or tips and tricks about cooking; share your favorite recipes away and many more! The best part is, we have not only ONE but FOUR FOOD APPS to offer to everyone of you! d=(´▽`)=b

Muslim and Halal Recipe

Download here: bit.ly/MuslimHalalRecipe

Homecooked Meal Recipe

Quick and Healthy Recipes

Download here: bit.ly/QuickHealthyRecipe

Baking and Dessert Recipe

We sincerely hope anyone of you who love cooking and/or would love to check out for more other cooking and baking recipes can download and try out the apps! We love FEEDBACKS and you can always RATE THE APP with your reviews (good or bad) and also, share it with your other friends! If you think the content shucks, shove it to my face with your preferred suggestion, I will LOVE you more and promise to make it even better for all of you! ‧⁺◟( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )