Nadeje @ Melaka

Where can I get the best crepe cake? If you ask me, I will always tell you Food Foundry. Till, the day someone told me Nadeje's one is the best la! I've never tried it and I can't help myself but kept searching where is the Nadeje located at and headed there with Eric during our visit to Melaka

Both Eric and I were quite full after had all sort of foods at the Jonker Walk and our motive to visit Nadeje was to try their crepe cake and of course chilling out after the whole day. We only ordered original taste crepe cake and their newly introduced Mango Pudding. 

People tend to compare how moist is the Nadeje's Crepe Cake compare to the Food Foundry's Crepe Cake. By the first look of it, the size is slightly bigger and it's creamy. 

Different people will have different preferences and to both Eric and I, this crepe cake way too creamy to our liking. After first and second, Eric just go on with the Mango Pudding. I don't really know how to describe it but I still prefer Food Foundry's one. Not saying Nadeje's crepe cake not good but it's just because I prefer my crepe cake to be not too creamy. It's like am eating cream?Smiley

I had a few spoons of this Mango Pudding and fell in love with it! Not too sweet and just nice to my liking. Eric seemed to enjoy eating this a lot. The taste was just as fresh as the ripe mango.Smiley

I do love the ambiance of Nadeje and price also quite reasonable. I don't mind going there again for a chilling time with group of friends. Hopefully the next time I visit, I would love to try other cakes offering there!  


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