The Grand Finale of Project One & Only

I attended the Grand Finale at Canteen, Damansara Utama on the last Friday. Upon arrival, each guest were given a goodie bag which sponsored by Julie's and inside it also includes the 50 + 1 Malaysia book that written by Quachee

The place was quite packed and luckily we got seats for us. It was pretty cool to see all the contestants wearing their customized t-shirt with their own quotes on it. Initially, I am still not sure how's the Grand Finale going to be till the finalists come out one by one to present their dream project to the audience and the judges.

Li May
Megat Farris
Puteri Elfanezza
Shannon Chow
Tevan Nair
Well I actually can see some of the finalists might have not prepared themselves fully or maybe they're just nervous. Anyway, congrats to them for made it all out for that night. I did presentation during college before too, so I kinda know how was the feeling to stand in front and had to finished up everything within the time given. I found some of their ideas might be too big to be true, well, we need to dream big anyway. There's also Q & A session between the judges and the finalists, guess that might tensed them out too. 

We were entertained by the Ain't So Bad After All, they sang few songs for the night. It was rather a nice chilling time while waiting for the result. 

Top Five
The five of them seems like close friends to each other, they doesn't seem like competing with each other.   They seem very calm while waiting for the important moment! *LOL*

Best Groom award
Putri won the title of Best Groom and the she joined Li May and Megat Farris for being the top five. 

Li May
There's only left Tevan and Shannon. Both of them were pretty good in their presentation. It's kinda hard for me to guess which of them going to be the winner.

Tevan was the First Runner Up for the night! 

Shannon Chow

I was very happy for winning the Online King and Queen contest too! Great thing? I won all the Grand Prizes! Thanks for those who had wishes me lucks all the way till the contest end.

Zenny, Samuel Tan, Amber Chia, Dr Raslan Ahmad and Dr Teh Su Thye
Zenny and Quachee
Amber Chia and Quachee
Dr Teh and Quachee
Dr Raslan and Quachee
Samuel and Quachee
They were the judges for the night and each of them were given a cute white lantern. I believe every little things that judges pointed out to the finalists were also kind of encouragement to them regardless to the result at the end. Some shots to end the night. 
Happy faces
Judges with O & O
Fellow judges and the top 5
Amber Chia and I
Zenny and I
Shannon and I
Quachee and I