Magical Musicals Flash Mob @ Sunway Pyramid

As mentioned in my previous post, the Freestyle Musicals Flash Mob going to be held at the Main Entrance of Sunway Lagoon at 1pm on 28th May 2011 (Saturday). Initially, I was very excited to witness such a big event. Just when Eric and I about to go out, it started poured heavily. The moment we reached there, it's already 1.30pm and we didn't see anything yet till we saw a group of teenagers holding music instrument and queued up in line.

They played the music and started to move in line to go round the Sunway Pyramid. They played nonstop while distributing the flyers of the upcoming Magical Musicals which going to start on the 10th June at Amphitheater, Sunway Lagoon.

Eric and I followed them till we reached the platform with stage.

The place was so crowded and I saw some of them were in some kind of uniforms. You can actually know which characters are they too! At that time, am getting more excited!! 

Well, you can see the booth and flyers are all over there! It seem many people interested in it! Oh well, anyone of you haven't got your tickets yet? You gotta grab now!

Above video is showing how the flash mob on that day! Yea you can see people dancing around and some joined too! I am seriously can't wait till tomorrow for the Magical Musicals!! Anybody going to be there too??
Caroline with the mini drum set
I've got a car too! :p