The Martian

I rarely do a movie review on my blog. Well, that's because I know I am not that great explaining a movie in details and seriously, no one really like reading a movie spoilers, except myself. However, I thought of writing about this movie - The Martian - for myself to remember that this is indeed one of the great movies that I would love to watch again in the future. 

I had the privilege to watch the premiere screening of this movie on the September 29, 2015 at GSC, One Utama. Not only that, it was shown on 3D too! *double yays*

Instead of telling you guys more of the movie spoilers, I would like to share what I thought about the movie and how it actually affected me as a person. Comparing myself now with the old me, I watch movie and always trying to understand the meaning behind the entire movie, or to be more accurate, the moral stories or what are the movie trying to tell the audience. 

Through this movie, I've learned that impossible things does happens. Most importantly, there's always a way to do the impossible, you know the saying "if there's a will there's a way". You always have to prepare yourself for unpredictable things that might happen in the future, especially the unexpectedly unpleasant ones. Secondly, never ever give up. Once you give up, the other party who putting hope on you and trying their best at their end to help you will be wasted. Do keep trying. Thirdly, team work is really important. Sometimes, it takes everyone effort and roles in order to make things happen. Last but not least, expect for the worst case scenario and learn how to adapt. This is really important, whether whatever that is shown in the movie are facts or not, we know adapting to new environment is needed in our daily life (whether we like it or not).

Overall, it's really quite an inspiring movie to watch and I can't believe that I actually teared at some point of the movie. I would rate this movie 4/5.

Thanks Seeties and Grabies for the tickets! x


  1. I love the movie, and I teared too! Well said Caroline, one should never give up and keep trying.

  2. I wanna watch the movie too!!! I <3 Matt Damon!!!

    1. haha faster date ur hubby to watch this movie! really nice! <3