Shu Uemura: New Concept Store // Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine Lipstick

Psst! Have you been to Shu Uemura's new concept store in KLCC? Shu Uemura has re-opened its store in KLCC with a new concept that provides better makeup shopping experience to their customers. It features bright, modern interior and a more coordinated sections that allow you to shop comfortably in the store. 

You would see the Shu Icons section together with the best seller products displayed upon entering the store. It then followed by several sections including the makeup base, face, eyes and lips sections; cleansing oil; Tsuya skincare; brow styling bar; etc. 

shu uemura rouge unlimited sheer shine lipstick

Apart of the relaunching of its new concept store, we also get the sneak preview of the Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine Lipstick that will be launched in October (next month)! This coming October, to enhance the individual beauty of more women, Shu Uemura unveiled the rouge unlimited franchise that boasts a new texture with the sheer sensation of vibrant colors. 

"colors are like personalities, they are infinite" - Shu Uemura

The Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine Lipstick, available in 12 vibrant shades, features a lightly melting balm stick infused with vibrant hybrid pigment, creates a vividly glowing and transparent 'colored glass' like finish on the lips. With the incredible new technology, Shu Uemura's 2nd generation hybrid pigment offers a variety of color while retaining the transparency that allows you to achieve an original sheer shine, with your own lip color to easily create a one-and-only style all of your own. 

swatches without using the lip brush

Brenda showed us a demo on how to apply the new Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine Lipstick to the lip with a lip brush. As you can see, the lip brush application is definitely more vivid with glossiness compares to the sheer finish swatches without any lip brush. 

The shiny finish was achieved with candelilla extract wax and a combination of shiny oils. Candelilla extract wax provides glossy and adhesive properties, thus contributing to the lasting shine. The emollient shiny oil results in a soft and comfortable texture providing non-sticky and lightweight feel on the lips. The combination of candelilla extract wax and emollient shiny oils (vinyl vail) provides a shiny effect and its low melting point assists with easy spreadability to create the sheer coverage in comfort.

the combination of CR350 and OR 561 on my lips

Brenda then applied two different shades on my lips, it turned out really great with a slight ombre effect on my lips! It was lovely. The one-time application on my lips lasted almost for a whole day! It doesn't leave any sticky nor greasiness feeling on my lips, which something that I really love! I will be filming a quick vlog on my channel to show you all the swatches (for the shades I own) soon! Stay tuned!

The Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine Lipstick (RM82.68) will be available at its store nationwide on October 2015. 

Shu Uemura KLCC
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