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Let's talk about food today, shall we? 

Last month, Eric and I were invited to the newly opened Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar for a food review session with a bunch of our foodie friends. If you love Japanese cuisine and do not mind about an awesome twist in it, I bet you will definitely going to love this restaurant as much as I love it! It was so amazing that I loved every single dish that were served to us on that night! Read on to see what we've had on that night!

Sushi Bar


Do expect a simple, modern setting features grey monochrome element for their interior. I was pretty amazed how they actually use studio camera lighting for most of their lightings! Impressive! Apart from the main dining area, it also has few different sections such as the bar, sushi bar and private room. For that night, we get to dine at the private room. 

Smoke and Plum Galaxy -RM39

Kiwi Caipiroska -RM35

I may not be a person people talk with about alcohol beverages. But dayum, please order one of the above cocktails whenever you visit Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar! They not only super refreshing, delicious too! Just when I thought Smoke and Plum Galaxy gotta be the best cocktail I've ever had, I turned my favorite to the Kiwi Caipiroska! It has a pretty strong alcohol taste, but it was a rather pleasant one. I was thinking it could be the perfect ratio of the mixture, it was really good. 

Hana Kotaba -RM30

Apple Gravity Beer -RM29

The Hana Kotaba was not bad too. It has fresh lavender leaves that give a hint of freshness to it. For those people who love drinking beer, you would love the Apple Gravity Beer! Lime juice and Tiger beer, the perfect radler heh! Look at that beer serving upside down here! How interesting a presentation can be for a simple drink?! 

Chef Starter

What a better way to start an awesome meal than with Chef Starter? It also known as Japanese Omakase and features only the best signature dish from the chef. It can be various and depending on your luck? As you can see, we get to enjoy the full spread of it features six different types of mini that specially prepared and crafted by the chef himself - fried sweet potato, special wagyu beef (super yum!), unagi special grill, deep fried fish, special Japanese tomato and also chef's homemade aloe vera jelly. They were all super fresh and good! You may want to order it in advance in order to avoid disappointment for this particular special dish.

Coral Bash Salada -RM36

Guys, please look at how this salad dish presented in such an interesting way. I must say they do not only make sure the food tastes amazingly good, but also the presentation of each dish. Coral Bash Salada, the bed of delicious mashed potatoes that beautifully crafted to sea coral with the super cute mini fried crispy crab on it. Judging from how much I love mashed potatoes, I particularly enjoyed myself having this one whilst enjoy the crunchy bits from the fried crispy crab! 


Fellow Yakitori lovers out there will get to enjoy assorted yakitori at here too! Why bother to choose either the chicken skin, beef cubes, or other when you can have them all in this way?! Beer lovers, you know this is a must-order dish to complement your beer session, the perfect beer food!

Wagyu Roll -RM48

One of the star dish of the night - Wagyu Roll. You'll get to enjoy the best of fresh Wagyu, wrapping the rice ball mixed with beef cubes, with the perfect sauce. Super delicious! 

Treasure in the Deep -RM28

Pumpkin is never in my favorite list. I hate to say this, but Treasure in the Deep kinda surprised me with its unique taste. It may be a simple dish of fresh seafood filling in a crispy crust, but the mixture of pumpkin and mango puree made really complements it well! 

Momotoro Salada -RM18

Being a tomato lover myself, I was happy to see this huge Japanese tomato served on our table! This gotta be the softest, juiciest and sweetest tomato ever! Momotoro Salada, made of Japanese tomato with chef special salad as it fillings. Just so you know that Eric dislikes tomato, yet he enjoyed this a lot that night!

Maguro Ake Gawa

Another awesome salad dish - Maguro Ake Gawa. The art to enjoy this dish as its best is very simple - spread the potatoes with maguro cubes salad onto the crispy biscuit. This is so, so good! And, pretty addictive too! 

Chef Special Combination -RM68

7 type Sashimi Platter -RM180

Say hello to fresh sashimi! Depending on what are you up to, you can either order the Chef Special Combination to enjoy all the goodness just by yourself or share it with others by opts for the 7-type Sashimi Platter! They were all super duper fresh and I will definitely go back to enjoy all these fresh sashimi by myself!

Wafu Spaghetti

If you love spaghetti and wafu sauce, you will surely enjoy this huge serving of Wafu Spaghetti a lot! Fresh crab and prawn, lovely!

Saba Steak with Soft Shell Crab

Air Flown Grilled Iname

For those who fancy fish, you can always opt for the Saba Steak with Soft Shell Crab and/or the Air Flown Grilled Iname (subject to availability)! With only fresh ingredients being used here, fellow patrons get to enjoy the best quality of food! 

Sakana Miyake

Or... If you fancy something like this Sakana Miyake. Being a Malaysian, you would find the presentation kinda similar to our Ipoh famous salted chicken! It was placed on a hot plate and slowly grilled to the perfection, the fish lies on top of seaweed slice and topped with bacon and a good amount of cheese. Interesting!

Salmonikura Millefuille

Another favorite dish of mine with a pretty fancy name - Salmonikura Millefuille. A bed of fresh salmon sashimi topped with fish roes and fried crispy crab on a sea of wasabi mayo, not to forget the mini wasabi ball too. It's like eating sashimi with a twist! And, I thought the presentation for this particular dish was really cute! Can you see how the mini crab doing the fishing here?! 

8 type Sushi Moriawase -RM68

Volcano Roll

Yes, you can find various sushi dish in the menu too! The 8 type Sushi Moriawase features assorted sashimi sushi where you can enjoy slightly think fresh sashimi in sushi form. Not to mention how delicious the Volcano Roll was too!

Lobster Dragon Roll

You will be impressed with how grand is the presentation of the Lobster Dragon Roll here. It's huge and perfect for sharing unless you plan to have this as your main dish. It can be quite filling with the generous amount of ingredients - mango slice, caviar and ebiko.

Coconut Ice Cream

Fruit Platter


For the perfect sweet ending, we were served with Coconut Ice Cream, Mixed Fruit Platter, and Tiramisu. Everything was so perfect, I can't even! If you didn't notice it yet, the fruits were sliced and crafted beautifully on the plate. Tiramisu lovers will be spoiled with how rich it tastes, pretty much irresistible!

p.s: Though it may be kinda pricey, it really going to worth your every penny! 

Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar
(opposite Nando's)
G.26, Atria Shopping Gallery,
Jalan SS22/23, Damansara Jaya,
47400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm (Daily)
Tel no: +6 03 - 7733 1038

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