AirAsia Bloggers' Community (AABC) 2nd Anniversary Party | Bangkok

As mentioned in my previous post, this post going to be all about the fun and party! When we received our itinerary prior to our departure date, it was pretty intense (at least for me) because it was stated the dress code for the party was National Costume. Being a sino-kadazan myself, I thought the most appropriate national costume for me to put on for the night would be a full set of Kadazan costume. Too bad though, I wasn't in KK and it's hard to find it in KL. I then couldn't make up my mind whether to bring the saree or cheongsam. I brought both of them. Finally, I settled with the saree because the cheongsam kinda revealing due to the high slit at both sides. 

Kelly, Caroline, Ying

Don't you just love seeing everyone dressed up according to the theme!? It was so freaking cool and I get to see plenty of interesting national costumes that I normally just get to see it through the TV or my laptop? 

Twinsie moment with Ruby
We had the similar color costume!

Best Dressed Winners

There's really nothing much to talk about the party, other than P A R T Y. There was a full spread of buffet with various international cuisines; free flow of boosts; amazing performances by AirAsia Thai team; and many more! It was started with fun welcome speeches and followed by the announcement of the winners for the Photo Rally Hunt.

For the "Best Dressed" competition, we're so happy that Mek Onie won the second place showcasing one of the amazing national costume - Puteri Perak - from Malaysia! 

It was then followed by more lucky draw sessions!

It was also the night where we get to bond and meet more fellow AABC members from various countries! I've had really an amazing time chit-chatting with them, we may only have met each other for the first time, but what connected us is our passion with travelling. I really loved the way we actually get excited to know each other's favorite travel destination/dream travel destination/amazing experiences and adventures! It was incredible and the best part was when we exchanging contacts just so we get to keep in touch and hopefully one day visits each other countries soon! 

Caroline - Ebent (Indonesia) - Ying

Cole & Caroline

Heidy (Indonesia) & Caroline

I forgot what's his name! 

I adore their costumes! 
They are from Taiwan!

My faves - Kelly & Ashman

Caroline & Ying (China)

It was definitely a night that worth to remember, a night where various nation connected and bonded, by amazing AirAsia team. Thank you AirAsia for the fun night! If you ever wondering how to become part of the AABC members, please don't be shy and drop an email to  (*^▽^)/


  1. seems so fun to be AABC members! :D i wonder if its open to join?
    i've been seeing alot of AABC on random blog hoppings.
    hahaha i bet you'd stand out with sabah's kadazan outfits!

    everything magical

    1. Hi Wannyg,

      It is fun to be part of AABC members! Come and join us! :D
      Please drop an email to and be part of the community ^^

      Haha I wish I had enough time to get the costume by then.

  2. wow! I wish I could join you guys soon. I am already part of AABC members already :)