Hollywood Cosmetics Orchid Washing Powder | Morning Routine

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Today am going to share with you on my skincare morning routine with my current favorite face cleanser - Orchid Washing Powder by Hollywood Cosmetic! I've been using this product for 3 months and I really love how it somehow keep my skin clear from acne and spots.

I've vlogged about it too!

The Orchid Enzyme Washing Powder is a morning facial cleanser that help cleanses all of the excess oil glands and sweat that built up on your skin during your sleep. With its main ingredients, proteolytic enzymes remove all dead skin cells, making your skin looking refreshed and clear. The ceramide moisturizer that is contained in the powder help to protect and making your skin look healthier with regular use of the product.

This washing powder comes with one pair of the facial cleansing net, which means you can save the hassle of finding or getting one for yourself in order to use this washing powder cleanser. After wet your face, pour a sufficient amount of the Orchid Washing Powder onto the (wet) cleansing net, then start rubbing it to create a fluffy cleansing foam. I was quite surprised with how easy the foam was created by just gently rubbing the cleansing net.

Once you get your desired amount of cleansing foam, you can then proceed applying it over your wet face and start cleansing your face like how you do normally. At this step, you may use your hand or any facial cleansing device to cleanse your face. I do sometimes use this for my night routine especially when I have makeup on my face because I really love how it cleanse my skin thoroughly. 

Not sure if you can see from the picture, the "Before" picture was taken when I woke up in the morning before I wash my face. I always woke up with oilier skin and I used to have to wipe it off with makeup remover wipes before I wash my face or I would do double cleanse in the morning. As you all know, I have acne prone skin, it is really crucial for me to cleanse my face properly. 

The "After" picture was taken right after I washed my face with the Orchid Washing Powder. I really love how it left my skin squeaky clean and moist at the same time, without any tight feeling on the skin. I also notice the slight brightening effect that give the glowing from within after I use the product. 

I got this product from my friend all the way from Japan and this product is really a big hit among the top Japanese celebrities! Guess what? You do not need to fly to Tokyo to get this product because you can get it from HiShop Malaysia or placing your order direct from Confetti Japan

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