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Hey guys! Am back with another food post!

If you've been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you would have known I went for a road trip to Ipoh just to enjoy some yummy Ipoh foods! After all, there's nothing much you can do in Ipoh except an awesome FOOD TRIP! When you only have few hour to spend in Ipoh, you can make your life much easier by just stop by at Nam Heong Ipoh to enjoy everything at one place! Trust me, you're not only going to enjoy plain old Ipoh foods, but also other cuisines! 

Nam Heong Food Court may sounds like just another food court. Well, it's not, at least with a class and comfort. It is spacious with cosy ambiance and air-conditioned for its patrons to dine in comfortably. Just like other food courts out there, it houses few different vendors - BiB The Hotplate Hauz, Curry Mee, Fusion Hot Wok Kitchen, Pak Kong Chicken Rice, Ipoh East Town Pan Mee, Tin Heong Prawn Mee/Kuey Teow Soup, Nam Heong Dim Sum, Nam Heong Beverages, Home Recipe Chee Cheong Fun, Ding Hou (Rice Dishes), Big Tree Leg Traditional Porridge, Japanese Ramen, Kampar Law Shi Fun, Little Katong, Sean Penang Fried Kuey Teow and Hong Kong Style Wanton Noodles - under a roof that going to satisfy all of your different food cravings! 

First thing that caught our attention would be this iPad on every tables! At Nam Heong, there's no need to call for waiters/waitresses because all you need to do is browse the complete menu through the iPad and place your order from the system too! How easy?! 

In case you're wondering, you can download MeCanOrder app from Google Play or App Store to check out the complete menu at your fingertips!

The waiter will bring your order list to your table and guess what? Your food will be served within few minutes right after you placed your order through the app! Tell me how to not love such convenient? 

Now shall we look at some of the foods that we've ordered for ourselves? 

Ipoh White Coffee and Egg Tarts are both must-order items from the menu! I really enjoyed the warm and perfectly baked egg tarts here, they were really yummy! You have no idea how many egg tarts I ate on that day. 

Fancy some yakitori? Isaac ordered the pork and chicken yakitori for everyone to share, it tasted really good! Though, we prefer the pork over the chicken. The pork has layer of fats in between layer of meat, it is juicier and tastier too!

We also ordered the yaki gyoza that turned out not bad! Dip it into the sauce and you can enjoy yummy gyoza in your mouth. 

Yes, you can order a plate of popiah dish to share with your friends too! Do you know Ipoh has different version of popiah? Order and try it yourself!

Another must order item from the menu would be this plate of caramelised pork (char siew) and roasted pork (siu yuk)! All of us really love how soft and tender the caramelised pork; at the same time enjoy the crispy layer and tender roasted pork! It was so good that we ordered another plate of these!

Though, I think this plate of Chee Cheong Fun with pork meat and mushroom wasn't that great compare to others. I'm not sure if I wasn't used to this type of chee cheong fun. There's really nothing much to shout about for this one. 

Now, who would expect to be able to enjoy a bowl of Katong Laksa in Ipoh? No one, but Nam Heong has it! If you haven't had a chance to try any Katong Laksa in Singapore, why not give a try to this one? After all, it is a complete different version to every laksa in Malaysia!

Snowy ordered this plate of Spicy Pork Ribs Noodles for herself. The portion for this one is quite huge, with generous portion of pork ribs too! 

The Supreme Wok Fried Rice looks like the other normal fried rice out there, but with a twist. You can enjoy bacon ham slices, scallops, etc in this "wok" of fried rice! I enjoyed eating this one, it was fragrant and not oily too! 

Whether you're looking for some local delights or perhaps fusion type of cuisine, you can enjoy them all at Nam Heong. Don't be surprise with the crowds in Nam Heong, because it can be quite packed especially during the lunch time! Of course, you can always pre-order your food through the MeCan Order app that I've mentioned earlier in this post!

How to do E-Ordering?
  1. Download the MeCanOrder app from Google Store or App store.
  2. Pre-order it and retrieve your order when you arrive at the outlet.
  3. Make payment, sit back and relax.

p.s: Nam Heong only opens for breakfast, lunch and tea time only. Not open for dinner.

Nam Heong Food Court
Block B, 2-15, Ipoh Soho,
Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah, 3000 Ipoh, Perak
Facebook: Nam Heong  | Website:

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