Shu Uemura Lightbulb UV Compact Foundation & Tint In Gelato

Here's a great news for every Shu Eumura's fan out there! Shu Uemura has launched two awesome products that going to make everyone's life easier and stay pretty at the same time.

The first product is the Lightbulb UV Compact Foundation. Shu Uemura has created the Lightbulb UV Compact Foundation allowing for both high coverage yet natural glow without powdery finish. With a simple and light stroke to "polish up your glow" the unique combination of the formula and sponge brings a powderless sensation and a flawless complexion, together with SPF30+++ high UV protection! It is formulated with the lightbulb™ oleo-technology and the lightbulb™ pearl, together with an original double-sided polishing sponge.

High UV protection SPF30+++ yet comfortable fine texture
  • Bouncy spherical powder (very soft powder contributes to bouncy, soft texture)
  • Gliding spherical powder (super uniform particle for smooth gliding)

I was quite impressed with the tool provided along with this compact foundation as it's not the typical type of sponge that can be found everywhere. It is called as the lightbulb polishing sponge. A porcelain glow finish can be achieved by just glide & polish technique. What's so special about this lightbulb polishing sponge? It has a skin-smooth fabric and skin-soft sponge, carefully selected and designed in order to achieve the expected result.

Side A: Skin-soft sponge (Glide! for coverage)
  • Thick & wide, durable material, anti-bacterial and anti-UV
Side B: Skin-smooth fabric (Polish! for glow)
  • Smooth and gentle material, water resistance material.

The Lightbulb UV Compact Foundation priced at RM180 and you can get it any Shu Uemura stores in Malaysia. 

The second product launched in the month of April - Tint in Gelato Lip & Cheek color! The Tint in Gelato Lip & Cheek color perfectly reflects Mr. Shu Uemura's philosophy** thanks to infinite color variations and multitude of different effects that can be achieved.

** Colors are like personalities, they are infinite. I want women to enjoy make-up more freely. - Mr. Shu Uemura

The name "tint in gelato" refers to the creamy fresh texture and delicious colors of ice cream. It has 12 different colors and they're all gorgeous colors! It is priced at RM90 each. 

1) Controllable Coverage - Elastomeric Gel
  • Very soft & silky, sensorial texture for easy spreading and blending
  • Thin application results in a semi-matte look with a natural sheen finish, or use delicate layering for good color payoff.
2) Moisturizing Sensation - Aquapump Complex
  • Combination of aqua pump and ester emollient oil
  • Forms a barrier on the skin and prevents water loss

In conjunction with the launching of the new products, yours truly also attended Shu Uemura masterclass beauty workshop and get to know how to achieve that simple and flawless look with the two products. 

"Before" look

The professional makeup artist started with applying the makeup base and concealed the blemishes on the face. It followed by applying a flush of color on the cheek with the Tint In Gelato as blush and then sealed everything with the Lightbulb UV Compact Foundation. The Tint In Gelato has a very creamy and moist texture, you need not to worry about it dry up in second and take the time to blend it well. The amazing part is definitely the part she showed us how to polish and how's the result turned out amazing-ly with a glow. 

To add pops of colors, she applied the shimmery eyeshadow on the eyes, apply the eyeliner and put on the falsie. Last but not least, she applied Tint In Gelato on the lips to complete the look!

"After" look
Complete look for Spring!
This is the complete look and the pop of colors certainly perfect for Spring! (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪ Do visit your nearest Shu Uemura store and grab one of those babies to compliment your Spring look. (*‿*✿)

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