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There's a few of you were telling me about this awesome black dress! Check out where do I get it from here! (*^▽^*)

Asymmetrical Front Hem Dress
Every girl should have at least ONE little black dress in their closet, which is so true. Little black dress is meant to be a staple of the wardrobe and it will never go out of trend for ages. Here's one little black dress that you can always go for - Asymmetrical Front Hem Dress from Tops'N'Bottoms.  

This dress is made of thick satin silk and it fitted and hugged the body nicely, super comfortable! What makes it even more stylish is definitely the cutouts on the shoulder and the bottom part of the dress, there's a hint of sexiness without exposing much of your skin. The best part is, it can be easily matched with a pair pumps, flats or boots to suit the occasion that you're going to attend. **RM45

Studded Flap Clutch
Whether you dress to impress or not, clutch is definitely one of the perfect accessories to pair with your casual outfit and evening dress. The Studded Flap Clutch from Tops'N'Bottoms comes with a long strap and short strap. It is so versatile that you can never go wrong when trying to match them in both casual and formal occasions. 

You may find some other clutch bags out there not sturdy enough to hold all your basic stuff, but definitely not this one. It's made of pretty good quality of PU leather and easy to rock your outfit anytime. **RM30

Love what you see here? It's time to check out Tops'N'Bottoms collection and start own one of them clutches maybe! (o⌒.⌒o)

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