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I miss them. I just can't wait for this Saturday where we actually can spend more time together to celebrate the special day for Illy's Baby Shower. Huge thanks to Worthy Book for allowing us girls with the rest of The Butterfly Project Malaysia members to enjoy a 30-mins fish spa session at Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa, Pavilion last Saturday.

I went there with a pretty nervous feeling as the my very first "Fish Spa" experience was with rather huge fishes in the lake back in my hometown in KK. That was pretty ticklish and a little scary for me to handle. We were all need to wash our feet before proceeding with putting our legs into the water and let the fishes "attack" our feet. 

Look at the girls! Trust me, they really enjoyed their fish spa session. Though, it was quite different to Chee Ching and I. When Chee Ching starts to scream and grabbing my arm tightly, it freaked me out! I was quite hesitate to dip my leg into the mini pool. The moment the fish starts to do the biting, I went "OMG HELP ME!* It was a super ticklish experience for me! Both of us tried so hard to lower down our voices that led to us hitting each other whilst "enjoying" the fish spa. 

No fishes!
Here they are! :O
Clean and smooth!
Thank God that it's getting better after a few bites! We loved how clean and smooth our feet turned to after the fish spa session. Here's some photos taken on that day! 

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