Company Trip | Phuket

To be able to work from home may be a dream job for the most of you, but it is a challenge for me! I admit that I really enjoyed it for the first few weeks, but not more than that. I missed the fun environment and having the colleagues around me (because they are too awesome!). (´∩`。)

I guess I was lucky enough to have super friendly and understanding bosses now. I learned a lot throughout the journey with them, they are people with huge passion within them and it's like there's nothing impossible to them. \(*0*)/

The Team

That's the team. We may be small but we have a huge passion in whatever we're doing right now. The two bosses (Grey and Johnson) together with Chee Ching and I are obviously from Malaysia; Bubu and Locus from Taiwan; Zhuo Feng from China and Val from Russia. That's not all, we also have a few others that just joined us recently from elsewhere part of the world. The office is in Taipei and that's explained why I work from home here in Malaysia. (ノ^∇^)

The bosses are being sweet to all of us for organizing the "supposed" work trip to Phuket. Yup, it was supposedly a work trip where the all of us going to do our work in Phuket. However, we get to know that our boss changed the plan and arranged a more relaxed trip to us. That being said, we get to do the place visits and half day workshop on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; full working days on Tuesday and Thursday. ヽ(^。^)丿

The bosses booked a huge and super nice villa in the Rawai area for us to stay and work comfortably together. I shall blog about the place we stayed in the next post. That also marked my very first time staying together with people I met very first time for a week. I was surprised that it actually felt not bad after all, as in, we were quite comfortable having each other presence? We get along like crazy, sang together; played board games together; work together; etc. It feels like a family reunion and I love the feeling having everyone around together. (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

HE is the boss!
What I really miss about this trip to Phuket?
  • I really miss working together with everyone. 
  • I really miss the infinity pool in the villa.
  • I really miss the moment when everyone starts to sing along with almost every song played throughout the day! 
  • I really miss having Zhuo Feng and Locus around, they are seriously our laughing medicines! Thinking of it already can make me giggles here. 
  • I really miss having Bubu saying "ok cool!" to almost everything. He is super adorable, omg.
  • I really miss having my bosses to be around where I can just look for them for things that am not really sure at, instead of just type and chat with them on Hipchat.
  • I really miss having Reina and Olivia around! 
  • I really miss having the awesome iced teas every single day.
  • I really miss all the lame jokes the boys made throughout the trip!
  • I really miss doing the #YOLO thingy during our island tour.
  • I really miss how we can discuss all the things right away in person, not through the video chats.
  • I really miss how I can learn more new stuffs through the workshop. 
  • I can never forget how Locus gets his "Locus" name too! (this part seriously a great LOL material!)
and more...

Well, there's also a few parts of the trip that I don't wish to even remember even a tiny bit of it. They bullied my Minnie Mouse plushie; the crazy motorbike rides; the places that reminded me how I cried over how to get down from the hill or high places due to my fear of height; and a few more. No, I don't miss the annoying Flappy Bird game too! Apart from that, I truly enjoyed my entire trip with them! ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

7-day is a pretty long period to actually explore Phuket but it's never enough for our bonding session. Time flies so fast that we had to bid goodbye to each other till the next work trip. To walk along with them, simply amazing and memorable. <3

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