White Valentine's Day!

Somehow, it always surprised me that one of the top post in my blog was the post I wrote for the 6th Monthsary for both Eric and I. One reason because I know people don't give a damn to our relationship and of course I don't find any reason to be bothered by it too. batting eyelashes

Eric x Caroline
Well, I thought of writing this post for our 1000th day and so did not post it during last month Valentine's Day. Glad that I have a chance to post this since today is White Valentine's Day! It's never easy to maintain a relationship and it's just like sailing ship facing calm and rough waves. worried We had tons of argument over small and big matter, but we also shared the joy and happiness after solved it. I guess that's what we called, love. winking
I LOVE YOU CAROLINE - Poem by Eric. In case you've missed it, read it HERE. <3
On last month Valentine's day, we had a great moment together dining at one of the best Korean restaurant in town - Seoul Korea. While most of the couples out there enjoyed luxurious candle lit dinner, we actually queued for half an hour to get our table. Of course, there's no one to be blamed at here due to they don't take reservation for two and we have no choice but walk-in. I turned a lil grumpy and tummy started to growl but I was glad that both us talking about stuff till our turn to be seated. smug
Seoul Korea @ Taman Desa
Dae-ji Bulgogi
Sam-gyoub Sal
We ordered the Dae-ji Bulgogi, Sam-gyoub Sal, Tulpokki and green tea. Though it sounds so little but they served in quite huge portion and the amount of side dishes served too, quite a lot. I love all the side dishes that been served on our table, they were really appetizing!

Yummylicious side dishes!
The last 3 years me, I would think of getting something fancily special for the partner. After gone through the 3 years with him, giving and receiving tons of gifts from him, I learnt something from him. I learnt to get a gift that he love and needing it instead of something he love but not unable to use it often. I got him hard disk for I know he needing one for his work because his current one is not portable enough. He got me a lovely purse from GUESS just simply because he know I've been looking for one. It's hard for me to get a purse that I really like and I also know he had a lil hard time in searching for one. blushing

Eric x Caroline
It's the 3rd Valentine we celebrated together and wish for many more to come! He has been someone who sacrificed own needs just to fulfilled my wants, be there when I needed him the most, bear with most of my nonsense and loving me and cheering me in whatever way he could! I love you! love struckkiss

Seoul Korea
No. 1-1 (1st), Plaza Danau 2, Jalan 4/109F, Taman Danau Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur