Etude House BFF Party!

Best Friends Forever or we called it as BFF. I am glad that I have a few of them that I can called as bff for they are always there for me especially when I needed them the most. Most importantly, they are not the type of people who come and go in your life; friends that sabotage you or even the type of friends that bad-mouthing about you behind. 

Nicole x Caroline
Etude House has been very kind to organize such fun BFF Party for us to enjoy some great time with our very own bffs! As much as I wish to bring all of my bff, I have decided to bring Nicole! She used to sit next to me in the office before she left and we could simply have fun chit-chat about our favorite Kpop idols. Most importantly, I knew that she is a huge fan of Etude House!

Etude House BFF Party @ Korea Plaza
The Etude House BFF Party was held at Korea Plaza! We were just excited for the activities that prepared for us on that day - makeup, hand massage, manicure, Hanbok picture taking and also Korean food shopping! Boy that was really fun! <3

Nicole with door gift
Both Nicole and I get to received such cute box of door gift that worth RM100 to bring home and enjoy! You could see what's inside at the end of this post. 

Makeup counter

I did my own makeup on that day and my bff Nicole get to enjoy her makeup session on that day! ^^

Well, for a person love manicure like me just will not missed out the manicure session! I have picked the Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradient Gradation Nails in silver color! Love the glitz of the silverish nails on me now. It's like some sort of kpop sensation, you know what I mean. :p

The most fun part - Hanbok picture taking. Yup, both me and my bff get to try and put on the Korean traditional costume and enjoy taking our pictures away! So, it's not that difficult to put it on and we also get to learn some technique to tie the ribbon (well am not sure if we call it as ribbon >.<). I was quite lucky that I managed to try on all Hanboks at there! :p

#01 A picture with SHINee's Minho <3

#02 Nicole took picture with Minho too! :p

#03 I Love Korea!

#04 Love this long red Hanbok!

#05 Yours truly enjoying Hanbok picture taking

#06 Put on the Korean traditional shoe and also cute handbag

#07 Put on the head accessories, not easy.

Both Nicole and I chose our favorite color Korean traditional shoe



We had so much fun and when our tummy started growling, it was just in time that we were served with some Korean foods! Both Kimbap and Tteokbokki have became my most favorites Korean foods since ever our Senior Manager cooked it for us on one of those fine Saturdays in office. That's one of the fun thing working with Korean people! ^^ 

Goodies inside the door gift

I managed to grab some good deal and bought these masks at RM30 for all and it comes with samples too! That's pretty cheap I must say! =D It was indeed a fun half day with my bff, Nicole and we truly enjoy catching up with each other along the way. <3