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Raya Time - 02

Monday, September 20, 2010
The next stop after Sukma's house was Lisa's house! 

Well well, I think we enjoyed the Kuih Raya in her house after our tummy full at Sukma's house. :p
I've tried something new at there, too bad didn't take the picture of it.

Lisa staying alone that time and surprised me that she is actually an Indonesian!
She's very cute and goodness! The way she talk very very very soft!

That's my first time meeting her and nice to meet her!
A very sweet and friendly girl I can say. ;)

After that, we move on to our final stop of the day.
The final stop offered us quite a different meal I can say.
I love the macaroni! *mwahaha*
And of course the kuih raya as well. ;)

Just a lil bit camwhoring. :p
I looked not bad in that Baju Kurung! *mwahahaha*

After finished visiting them, we not going home yet.
We proceed to the Suria Sabah shopping mall for movie! :p

We watched the "Piranha"!!
That's my very first time didn't finished my foods and drink before the movie finish.
Oh well, for dudes out there, I know you guys definitely gonna enjoy the early part of the movie, lotsa bikini girls! *wink wink*
However, I just couldn't stand the part when the piranha fishes start attacking the peoples.
It's GORY!!

Gosh! Thank God that the duration for this movie is only approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. 

After shopped for a while, we back home!
The next day will be another visit for Raya again!



36 comments on "Raya Time - 02"
  1. You visited so many places for raya! So interesting and nice! :)

  2. @iamthewitch haha! next time! dnt worry! ;) LOL! yupez few places. heee :p

  3. I like the pink kurung too...the middle pic, last batch... Nice!

  4. you look great ya on baju kurung :)

  5. piranha fishes attacks is gory? weee!!~~ my type of movie. gonna order large popcorn for this.

  6. neva mention u ask me go watch ah? hehe =3

  7. wohoo.. more Raya and more shopping. me likey!!!

  8. @Isley Chang~ no need large popcorn lar! very short ny this movie. lol!

  9. @Eric Lee haha yea hor! hmph! seeee! u memang wanna watch one! hamsap! >:(

  10. yerrrr.......u askkkk oneeee T____T

  11. haha, so you went house hoping for your raya?? :)

  12. cool, that exactly looks like what we are doing during CNY.. :p

  13. so did you manage to get some duit raya when you visit your friends?? :D

  14. wahh so nice la... hang out with friends ;)

  15. u watched!! i gave a review.. all boobs and bumps.. and red paint.. hahah...

  16. @Eric Leesee ketara really wanna go watch! just go la! HAHAHA

  17. @[SK]hehe yeap yeap! hop hop! :p yea got some!! :p

  18. @reanaclaire Actually that just after i read ur review! gudness!

  19. yeah, you do look great in that outfit!

  20. oh you didn't finish the movie! i wanna watch piranha in 3d. hehehehe

  21. GOry? Panda said not gory... who to believe?

    u look not flat in baju kurung.. eh.. i mean 'not bad'.. muahahahha... :P

  22. Haha...I'm late! xP Selamat Hari Raya and you look great in baju kurung! ^^

  23. yes, I finally became your FC in this post! I was so excited to comment that all I can think of was "hi". LOL!

    Glad you had a great day visiting your friends and watching movie.

  24. Wow more fun wooo whooo. Also you look great in that outfit Caroline very beautiful.

  25. @_el@i_ Thnx Elai! :D haha the movie too gory dy! :(

  26. @Gee hahaha!! yay FC! :D HAHAHA yea had a great fun!


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