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Random Wednesday - 02

Thursday, September 02, 2010
Busy and hectic life it seems.
Sorry as I just can't do any blog hopping lately, you will see me in your blog once am done with my busy stuff. :)
It's Thursday but hey allow me to do this Random Wednesday post!


I just can't wait to blog about this!
Thanks Foong!! Thanks sooo much!!

avatar-1.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

I was still not feeling well and ended up no more night owl during weekends!
I woke up the next day and rushed to church.
Back from church and on my lappy.
Saw this one from Foong!

foong-3-1.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

* Mwahaha *
Most of you won contest in his blog, and I am here proudly to say that I got this for FREE!!! :p

We all know that this Panda Foong can play piano very well!
He sent me his version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!
( That's my favorite lullaby song and all this while hubby sing it for me!! XD )
Don't you think am just being sooo LUCKY?! *LOL*

Let me share this with all of you since you guys can't get this from anywhere!
[ Download link ]

Am sure some of you may noticed this is on my sidebar already! :)
I love it!


I had a great time hang out with my godsister on Tuesday!

queenieandcaroline-1.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Godsis & I

Movie + Chit-Chat + "Yumcha" = Heaven Time with her!


I love Sasa, but I prefer smokey eyes make over by Bodyshop. :)

This one by Sasa.
Hope it's not gonna be a nightmare for you guys?

DSC00747-2-1-1.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Thanks for those given me nice compliment. :p


Mooncake festival is coming and I know many of you start eating mooncakes!

There's a lot and varieties flavor of mooncakes on the market, yet mom and dad still prefer the pure and traditional one. :)
I am personally love snow skin mooncake! :3

I am going to get some cute lantern for me to play with my sisters for the night!
It's fun!


I am supposed to post up something special for all of you but I still haven't finish it.
So, just waiting for it okie?
Or maybe I shall post it for Monday Love
And of course it comes out with something special, isn't it?

Some of you knew about it, so just wait for it okie? :p


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51 comments on "Random Wednesday - 02"
  1. lol...but my lullaby is still the best!! XD muahahaha

    nice ar the make up..=3 although i would prefer ur natural know type of mooncake u like =3

  2. @Eric Lee hehe yeap. :D haha me seldom use make up oso la. :) so, buy for me!! hahahaha

  3. So sweet of Foong to send u that song and speaking of which, where is my Indonesia song piano version la Panda???? Hahahahahhaha

  4. Love the pic of u and ur god sis, so pretty n slim! :)

  5. That smokey eyes one oso I like, makeover is it??? Phewittt!

  6. Hahhahahaha SSG is Sneaky Speedy Gonzales! Muahahahahah! :D

  7. @Mariuca hahaha! yeay! so srprised! :p maybe cz this song very easy to play? hehe

    Thanks! Thanks! hahhahaha

    ok ok now i know! LOL!!

  8. wah, so nice of the Panda to play the song using piano, recorded and send to you woh.. i also want that!!!

  9. i really don't know he can play piano!! i am always jealous to guys that can play piano~~

  10. errr, who did that make up for you?? errrr, i still prefer the one you together with your godsis lor~~ :p

  11. yeah, mooncake festival is coming.. i don't really fancy eating mooncake, a bit too sweet for me..

  12. but i'm always interested to see the new innovative products.. they always come out with new flavours, especially those snow skin, so colorful that i always like to get a box and put in office for everyone to share.. :)

  13. hmmm, wondering what you are doing with the "mysterious" post for every reader?? hmmm, must be something sweet i guess.. kekekeke~~ :)

  14. @[SK]haha u want that?? BEG ur sifu! :p haha! err same wat? only one is closer look. LOL! well well u can go try those bitter one. hahh! ok joking. :p

    yea going to be something sweet for u n all! :)

  15. awwwww... that Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.... can melt any heart.. coz it's very soothing.. very calming.. very NICE!

    Nice piece there Foong.. :D I likey :)

  16. @Merryn true true! hehe! :) melted u n william's heart dy. haha! me likey too! :D

  17. alamax... too bad tak der that PIC that i like so much.. haih..

  18. @Merryn mwahaha! u can always see that pic when u chat msn with me at night! :p

  19. aw, i want mooncake :p yumyumyum

  20. wah nice eh.. well done Foong :)
    I love mooncake.. with double yolk..haha

    Wah why so busy?

  21. Great music and you also look great in both pics. I have not tried mooncakes yet. I will have to try them.

  22. yep, i hear it. Foong is the best !!

  23. @fufuhehe i bet u now aso start eating it right? :)

  24. @LadyJava haha! nice leh?! me too! i love yolk! mwahaha

    got so many things to do lately. :(

  25. @BillThanks Bill! haha! yea u shud try! :) very yums!

  26. Yay! Love the song too! Waiting for Foong to play another one! LOL!

  27. No. 2 so pretty - both...No. fierce... No.4 so sweet - I want!!! You send to me for Mooncake Festival or not? LOL!!!

  28. @iamthewitch hahaha!! i think the next song will be Barney Song! mwahaha! :p

  29. @suituapui hahahah! ish got fierce meh?? haha can but gimme ur add la! :p

  30. Wow, I wished I play the piano as good as that. thanks for sharing this "exclusive" version caroline.

  31. hmm i can't see the video.. u mean must download?

  32. i like ur smokey eyes woot! ;) i want but i dunno to do it :'(

  33. hehe i don't like mooncakes la :P

  34. I only saw sweet young pretty babes here! ;)

  35. Wow, now that is some nice make-up. Very pretty.

  36. wow! you so look pretty in that picture with your godsis! yeah, i agree, you're indeed lucky to have someone sing you a lullabye. hehehe

  37. and still, i am wondering how that mooncake tastes. hehehe. i gotta try that real soon. btw, so sweet of foong to send you your favorite lullabye ;)

  38. @Gee Hehehe very nice right? this is really an exclusive version indeed! ;D welcome!

  39. @Monica heya! :) no ah, no need dl oso can play one, maybe u have to wait till it load. :) haha foong n grey said its scary! :(

  40. wow, Foongpc played for u. I knew he was good but i didnt know his skill was this advanced. i also didnt know u r so gorgeous

  41. @Bengbeng HAHA! yupez he played for me. mwahaha! :D me not gorgeous la! lol

  42. Hi visited ur blog again! have a nice day Carol

  43. hahaha....nice twinkle song...and nice make up...thanks for accepting my compliment in msn...kekeke....

  44. @安琪琳@Angeline hi Angeline! Thanx yea, will try to update my blog! ;)

  45. @vialentino haha! thnx horr.. eh in msn u not say scry meh?? :p


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