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What's your daily wellness routine? I'm sure there is at least one routine that caters to your own wellness, as for me, I'm just taking one step at a time. To turn something into a habit and routine can be overwhelming and you don't want to do everything at one go. It's nothing related to my morning/skincare routine or a day in my life kinda thing, it's just three simple things I'm practising daily and hopefully can continue doing it.

But first, here's something fun for everyone! One of my go-to drugstores, Caring Pharmacy is currently having #ShopMoreWinMore contest campaign where you will be able to stand a chance to win RM250,000 cash vouchers with every RM50 spent! These days, the perception of RM50 is considered a small amount, but hey! with a little help of great discounts in Caring Pharmacy, you probably able to get more than what you think with RM50. Of course, the more you spend, the higher the chance for you to win the cash voucher!

The fact that I actually get most of my daily essentials at Caring Pharmacy made it easier for me to join, I mean, you literally can get almost everything in there covering personal care, skincare, beauty supplement, health supplements, slimming and detox, family planning, hair care, baby care, and many more. 

Shower time is a fun time, indeed! A shower is always part of our daily routine. For those who ever came to my house and entered my master bathroom would have known that I have various shower gels in the shelf. They are in various scents which I will use depending on my mood. No joke.

A friend of mine actually recommended this brand - Calme. I put it in my basket and try it the other day. It's actually really nice! This Calme Spa Shower Gel is a pH-balanced shower gel and also comes in three variants - rose, lavender and green tea. My favourite would be the lavender, it's perfect for a relaxing shower especially after a long day at work. Also, I love good shower product that doesn't leave my skin feeling tight and dry, but soft and moist.

I used to get chia seeds from an organic shop, but now I can actually just grab this Tresor Earthfood Chia Seeds that available in Caring Pharmacy. We all know that chia seeds are loaded with antioxidants and high in several nutrients that are important to bone health. For someone lactose intolerant like me, I'll do whatever alternative ways to consume calcium.

The fun thing about chia seeds - you can opt to eat it raw (mix with overnight oat, smoothie, etc) or simply soak it to make chia pudding or mix with your favourite drink. I personally love having it together with my lemon water - Squeeze half lemon to a bottle of water and add chia seed into it and let it soak. I learned that it's best to soak chia seeds in normal temperature water to retains its nutrients. I usually prep it first thing in the morning and have it in the office for the whole day.

If you been following this blog long enough, you should know by now that I love Kinohimitsu beauty wellness supplements, be it in the powder or liquid form, since my first encounter with the brand itself back in 2013. I'm not going to lie that it's been on and off routine back then, however, as I'm hitting the big 3-0, I've been taking the collagen and UV-bright drink every morning since this mid-year.

I love bird's nest drink and I was really skeptical about bird's nest drink like this as I've tried an awful one before. Well, knowing the brand itself, I eventually grabbed this Kinohimitsu Snow Lotus Bird's Nest home with me. I had this after dinner and I LOVE IT! It's on sale and I probably going to grab a few more of this!

There are so much more you can do in term of wellness, but I guess doing it one step at a time, making it a routine makes a different too! I used to take my busy work schedule as an excuse until it hit me hard that work is nothing if you can't take care of yourself properly. And the great thing is, you don't really need to spend big bucks for your wellness, I mean, I got everything I needed without burning a hole in my purse and it's all available in one place - Caring Pharmacy.

Now it's really the chance for you to grab all the items whether it is for your personal care, skincare, health supplements, hair care, etc, this is the right time as you'll get to enjoy great discount as well as stand a chance to win cash vouchers worth RM250,000! The contest will run from 9 September till 3 November 2019, so hurry up! 

1. Shop (RM50 = 1 entry)
2. Scan QR codes and fill in your details
3. Submit! 

Visit http://bit.ly/ShopMoreWinMore and Caring Pharmacy Facebook Page for more details about the contest! :D


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