(above picture taken 3 years ago because all our current pictures abit cray cray)

Ohai everyone!

I know I have never really talked about my sister here. 
Just so you know that all of my family are all in KK and I'm in KL.
But yea, I really wanna talk about her for her weekly silliness, it's weekly because I don't allow her to disturb me during weekdays.

Sis Flo: Jie! That day I subscribe to the new add-on RM28 internet plan by Digi..
Me: so RM28 for how many GB?
Sis Flo: got 5gb high-speed internet and...
Me: RM28 for 5GB ONLY?!
Me: Eh? Oh, not bad wor! means you won't ask me to top up your phone liao la hor?
Me: Jie, why u so stingy? -_-