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Well, I know many of you going to ask WHY did I decide to do this?

First, I took some time to consider and to do my research before deciding on it. Secondly, this procedure doesn't require any surgery and it's not permanent. Most importantly, it is a safe procedure.

And, there are some of you were curious about this because I already have a somewhat "okay" nose bridge. My aim is to enhance my features overall, and not to change my existing look. Since I was given an opportunity to experience this procedure, why not?
Sliq Clinic in Oasis Damansara, P.J. needs no introduction for their excellent service and expertise on aesthetic treatment in the industry. It's really important to know what are the product and ingredients for all the different type of fillers used in aesthetic clinics nowadays. Just so you know that Sliq Clinic only uses FDA approved medical grade products and the brand of the filler used on that day was Juvederm Ultra Plus XC. (If your doctor refuses to tell you the brand of the dermal filler, please insists on asking for it and do your research before proceeding with the procedure as there are too many injectable products in the market) The key is to look for FDA-approved product if safety is your concern. Please take note that injection can only be done by qualified professional, so filler treatment in Malaysia can only be performed strictly by doctors only.

There're few types of fillers, the most common ones would be the Hyaluronic Acid Fillers (the one that used for my nose augmentation procedure), Calcium Hydroxylapatite and Silicone (which is now banned). The results vary depending on which product you choose. Calcium fillers will be last longer compare to the hyaluronic acid fillers. Again, whether you want it to be temporary or permanent one, it's best to consult with your practitioner which is better, catering to your individual needs. In fact, there is a new trend of using PDO Korean Threads for the nose as well, but after my consultation with Dr. Steve, I decided to go with Hyaluronic acid fillers due to its flexibility and safety profile.

If you don't know about this yet, Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occuring substance, present in every living organism so it is very biocompatible and rarely causes any reactions. I bet most of you have heard about this ingredient as it is used in some skincare products out there too! Hyaluronic acid products come in different thicknesses or viscosities which make them a versatile choice for treating different areas of the face. A thinner product would be well suited to fine lines and wrinkles or for subtle enhancement of the lips whereas a thicker product is ideal for addressing volume loss and very deep wrinkles.

The nurse first applied a thick layer of numbing cream on my nose and chin areas and leave it for a good 20-30 minutes before the doctor start the filler treatment to my nose. To my surprise, it is quite painless and it just feel like there's something poking into your skin.

Dr Steve injected the dermal filler into a number of locations in small droplets using a super fine needle, and of course, injection sites and quantity of filler will depend upon the type and extent of correction needed. You are able to see the result immediately after the treatment. The entire treatment took approximately 30mins only and you can go home or do your shopping or even go meet your friends immediately after the procedure. No downtime!

Bear in mind that the mild swelling you see immediately after the procedure is only going to last for a week and it will subside leaving a very natural result. Hence, if you prefer to have higher nose bridge, perhaps you can ask your practitioner to inject more on that particular area during touch up. Of course, depending on the type of filler used and the extent of correction required, your practitioner may recommend a follow-up visit two weeks after the initial treatment performed. This is what they called it as touch-up injections in order to achieve your desired result. Some patient wants their nose to be very high, some just want them natural, so it's up to you to discuss with your doctor first.

Again, depending on individuals, you may have some bruising immediately after the treatment or a few hours later and your nose may also feel slightly tender for a week. In this case, you have to avoid sleeping facing down and try not to put any pressure on your nose during the first week period. As for me, I had minor bruising and it was only painful if I accidentally press on my nose, glad that it only last for a short week!

Some other risk involved including allergic reaction, which rarely occurs in Hyaluronic acid product, and blood vessel blockage which can leads to scarring or blindness. That is why only doctors can perform this treatment so that its risk is very low. Dr Steve did explain that he can use an enzyme to immediately dissolve the filler if needed.

Many of people would ask how long does it last or stay, according to Dr. Steve, this product will last for at least 18 months which I think is pretty good! Now you see my picture few weeks after the procedure, it doesn't look as high as how it was after the procedure, yet it still define my features even for the slightest enhancement. Most importantly, it looks super natural and I was surprised that no one actually notices. Probably because previously I used bronzer to define my nose and there's not much of a difference in term of how it look like now. FYI, I do still apply bronzer for nose area now too.

Overall, the entire experience wasn't as terrifying as I thought and the staffs were super nice for making sure I was good throughout the entire procedure. They also called me to check on my bruising condition and to check if there's any major pain after the procedure. Not only that, Dr. Steve himself also follow up on my condition too! Talking about service, I will definitely give them a 10 out of 10!

For those who interested in this treatment, you can use this promo code "CAROLINE15" to get 15% off selected treatments until February 2016

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  19. I must applaud you for being so brave to have the needles. I always takut one. Hehe. You look great!

  20. I must applaud you for being so brave to have the needles. I always takut one. Hehe. You look great!

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