Le Pont Christmas Menu | #NovelNoel


It's the time of the year again! You know, my friends and I will always plan a Christmas gathering where we can actually meet up over brunch or dinner to get together and do our Christmas gift exchange. This year, we are super excited to have our Christmas gathering at Le Pont especially after checked out their awesome Christmas menu! 

This year, Le Pont invites diners to embark on a captivating journey of the senses and palate. Themed "Novel Noel", the campaign runs from 23rd November 2015 to 4th January 2016 and features a ravishing selection of timeless Christmas flavours infused with a touch of contemporary flair. From main courses to desserts and drinks, each segment of the seasonal menu is lovingly crafted by the award-winning culinary trio behind this chic patisserie-cum-café - Chef de Cuisine Daniel Wong, Pastry Chef Padzli and Head of Coffee David Leong.

Vichyssoise -RM12.90

First, we had the Vichyssoise, traditional french thick soup with puréed leeks and cream of potatoes, topped with garlic croutons. 

Salad Nicoise -RM16.90

Frisée & Beef Bacon Salad -RM16.90

It was then followed by two different type of salad - Salad Nicoise and Frisée & Beef Bacon Salad. Surprisingly I really enjoyed eating the Salad Nicoise. It's a classic French salad with green bean, tuna, chopped egg and shallot vinegrette. It is more flavorful with extra vinegar dressing! On the other side, the Frisée & Beef Bacon Salad is a combination of crispy beef bacon strips tossed with frisée, egg confit, shaved mushrooms and honey mustard dressing for a flavorsome salad dish.

Seafood Red Rhapsody -RM38.00

Next up was this glorious Seafood Red Rhapsody. If you fancy seafood, you are going to enjoy this hearty bouillabaisse seafood stew brimming with razor clams, seabass and prawns that's perfect for sharing. It is served together with a side of garlic toast. The stew was super delicious and you'll get to enjoy nothing but generous amount of fresh seafood in it. What I did was soaking the garlic toast into the stew to enjoy the perfect combination of garlic and flavorful stew at the same time!

Le Pont's Special Lamb Shank -RM37.90

Moving to the main course, we had the huge Le Pont's Special Lamb Shank, braised in house-made apricot sauce and served with potatoes, roasted peppers and asparagus. This was everyone's favorite dish on that night too! It's huge in portion and the super tender meat was braised in perfection that it actually sort of melt in your mouth. It's delicious!

Orange Cinnamon Bliss -RM14.50

Cinnamon Affogato -RM14.50

Here's something for coffee lovers out there, do make sure you get yourself either or both of the Orange Cinnamon Bliss and Cinnamon Affogato! I thought it was quite an interesting one - the unique pairing of bridging blend coffee and orange-cinnamon ice cubes with soda on the side to uncover a rich symphony of flavors. I am never a fan of coffee, but this was good! And of course, not to forget the signature cinnamon ice cream coupled with the bridging blend espresso for an enticing twist to a true Christmas classic dessert! Just so you know that all the ice cream at Le Pont are all freshly churned for every order made. 

Christmas Tree Waffle -RM17.90

Molten Snowman -RM19.90

Snowy Wonderland -RM20.90

There're three special and sinfully delicious desserts for this Christmas at Le Pont:-

Christmas Tree Waffle - Specialty jade waffles with a light dusting of snow frosting and served with homemade raspberry sorbet, almond crumble, diced strawberry and fresh whipped cream. In case you're wondering, the green color waffles was actually not pandan nor green tea flavor, but spirulina! Super healthy and yummy!!

Molten Snowman - The timeless combination of chocolate and vanilla enjoyment and topped with a luscious scoop of vanilla ice cream perched on molten chocolate cake with feuilletine topping. 

Snowy Wonderland - Dark chocolate ganache ball with a surprise centre of homemade honey ice cream, strawberry and blueberry. Paired with a sprinkle of snow meringue and velvety chocolate sauce. This is heavenly good and honestly the honey ice cream was the best!

Le Pont - Boulangerie et Café
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Batu 5, Jalan Kelang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel no: +603 - 7785 8828
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday & Sunday (8am-12am) // Friday & Saturday (8am-2am)
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