3 Easy Steps for Clean & Clear Skin

If you read and been following my blog long enough, you would know how I suffered severe acne on my skin last year. Yes, I've learned the hard way to clear my acnes on my skin and now I have much lesser acnes on my skin. Now that I have lesser breakouts on my skin, I am happy to share with you some tips on how to keep your skin clean and clear.

1. Remove your makeup thoroughly.

Whether it is just sunblock or full makeup on, I always make sure I double cleanse my skin. This step is crucial in order to ensure all the makeup removed thoroughly before I start my skincare routine. Never ever go to bed with your makeup on. 

2. Back to the basic - 3 steps skincare regime routine. 

Sometimes, less is better. In my case, layering too many products on my sensitive, oily combination skin type is a big no-no. It will only clog my pores and causes more breakouts. All I do for my daily skincare regime routine is cleanse, tone and moisturize. I particularly loving this Essentials range that comes with the cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

After removed my makeup with makeup remover, I then wash my face with the Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser. I really love how it makes my skin feels squeaky clean after the wash, and most importantly it didn't leave my skin feeling tight especially at the certain dry area on my cheek areas. Next, I will use the cotton pad to apply Essentials Oil-Control Toner on the oily areas on my face (especially on my t-zone) to prevent dryness on the dry skin area. Last but not least, applying moisturizer is another important step in any skincare regime, as our skin needs hydration too! A dehydrated skin will produce more oil and somehow causes breakouts too! Hence, always moisturize your skin whether you are dry, combination or oily skin type. The Essentials Moisturizer is an oil-free product hence it won't clog your pores too. It has a light texture creamy-gel kind of texture that doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy at all. Of course, not to forget to apply sunblock after your morning skincare routine!

I must say that I really love the fact that this range of product from Clean & Clear somehow did a great job on oil control on my skin! It is gentle to my sensitive skin which is good!

3. Facial mask.

I would do a facial mask at least 1-2 times per week. Whether you're using any of your favorite mask pack or DIY face mask, this is quite an important step as it clears impurities as well as deep cleanse your skin. It's really easy to DIY face mask for acne skin type - honey mask, oatmeal mask or yogurt face mask.

p.s: One more, I always find a way to destress myself whenever I am feeling stress. Trust me, your skin will thank you later for doing so. ;) 

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