Double Date Night | Front Page Sports Bar & Grill

Last week, Eric & I and Rocky & Estee decided to go for a double date night to Changkat, Bukit Bintang! Ok, that's a lie. It was Jayson who asked us out that night! (*ノ▽ノ)  And here we are at the Front Page Sport Bar & Grill

Seriously, we're still don't get it why is it named Front Page for a bar! But who cares anyway? Apparently, this place is always packed with sports lovers, especially for foreigners who wish to watch their favorite sports game matches! Here's the outdoor section, smokers can enjoy their hangout session whilst enjoy watching the sports show here. No, it's not warm at all! 

Those who prefer to enjoy more live band can opt to chill at the indoor section. Of course, do make sure you order your favorite drink from the bar too!

We also managed to check out what's at the upstair, which surprisingly welcomed to another world! The Lounge section allows patron to enjoy a game or two pool game, with another section for those who prefer more privacy and premium space to chill. It was seriously comfy to be at upstair and perfect for people to chill without loud music. Not to mention, business talk will be pleasant at here too! 

Surprise surprise! Now who can tell me where they can find a Men's Night deal?! Rocky seemed to be happiest guy of the night when he saw this banner! Buy 1 Free 1 on ALL bottle beers, ALL night long on every Wednesday! #waitwhat

To be honest, we didn't put high expectation on bar snack/food, but whatever that were served on that night were all GOOD! To compare with normal bar food standard, it seemed they're taking seriously on their food too! Totally love the charred grilled chicken wings and smoked salmon bruschetta for our starter. 

This prawn wrapper with popiah skin snacks was damn good! Succulent prawn and crispy popiah were fried to the perfection! Dip it with the sweet chili sauce, simply delicious! This makes the perfect beer snack! 

The lamb shank was really tender with bed of mashed potato and greens, served in huge portion, when we were asked to guess the price and only to find out it's priced at RM30?! And oh, the bacon and ham pizza was yummy too! Bacon lovers gonna enjoy this for sure! 

If you ask any of us there, we would tell you the best beer snack goes to this Pork Satay! Imagine the layer of fats in between of each meat, perfectly grilled! It's YUMMY!! (๑╹ڡ╹)╭ ~ ♡

I ordered myself a glass of refreshing mojito and Eric ordered his all time favorite gin and tonic! Of course, you can order almost any type of drinks at here! 

Guess what is this! 
Such a cool stuff with great price tag too! 

It wasn't just a simple night chilling out for us, because we were well entertained by Jayson-the-magician! But... he just won't teach us any single magic trick! ಠ_ಠ

Front Page Sports Bar & Grill
No. 20, Changkat Bukit Bintang KL