Unboxing Philips VisaPure!

If you're someone like me, who always look out for innovative product that can help to improve skin condition and at the same time save the time for skin regime routine too, do read on. Philips has developed the revolutionary Philips VisaPure to empower consumers to make their beauty routines simpler and more convenient with the latest technology available. Apparently, it is also 10 times more effective than hand cleansing, and revitalises your skin in just one minute!

We're lucky to have Dr Christina Chea, a local aesthetic physician with more than 10 years of experience, to be with us on that night. Not only she has helped us to understand more about our various skin types, but also explain the proper skin regime routine to us. Of course, not to forget about how to proper clean our face in a correct way. According to Dr Chea, just using your bare hands to wash your face of dirt and makeup can be insufficient for proper cleansing. Furthermore, your hands are unable to reach certain contours of your face, resulting in an accumulation of residue in those areas that will clog up the pores and cause spots and dullness. 

Philips VisaPure comes with specifically designed brushes for skin types that requires extra attention and care. The sensitive skin brush head is soft to the touch, minimising abrasion. For a deep clean, the exfoliating brush head has an exfoliating effect to gently remove dull and dead skin cells.

As a user of Clarisonic Mia 2, I really would love to know what's the difference between the two devices here. Philips VisaPure features a superb "Dual Motion" technology and can be used in the shower too! With "Dual Motion" technology, the brush rotates and vibrates across skin to lift dirt and impurities trapped in skin as it works to clean skin. The vertical pulsating movement gently breaks up surface impurities including dirt, dead skin cells and make-up residue, while the rotating movement sweeps the impurities away, leaving the skin more deeply cleansed. The coordinated movement of the bristles also creates a comfortable massaging effect that improves micro-circulation, which helps to bring out your skin's natural radiance, and give you a glow that radiates from within. The experiments on my hand and also the orange proven how it effectively cleans the make up dirt on the skin as well as pores.  

Upon unboxing the Philips VisaPure, I was really pleased to see what's inside the box. The model of Philips VisaPure that I gotten is SC5275 model (2 speed settings), which comes with brush heads (normal and sensitive), stand (charging and storing stand), power adapter, pouch and instruction manual. 

Anna and I filmed a video of unboxing and how to use the Philips VisaPure on our LeMistresses channel too! Watch to understand more about the new Philips VisaPure facial cleansing device! The new Philips VisaPure will be available at major electrical and departmental stores at a recommended price of RM799 for the SC5275 model and RM699 for the SC5265 model (1 speed setting and 1 normal skin brush head). 

Pricing for the brush heads:
Normal skin replacement brush head (SC5990) - RM59
Sensitive skin replacement brush head (SC5991) - RM65
Exfoliating skin replacement brush head (SC5992) - RM69

For further information, please visit www.philips.com.my.