Ladies Night.

Lol am supposed to post about CNY as i promised in previous post. ;p
Changed my mind, next post will be that. 

There's so much things to say within these few days. 
Things happened n changed so damn fast without i realize and without any notice.
If you're standing on my shoe, you'll know how's the feeling. However, you don't know.
Leaving me in such confusing situation without any hints or explanation, till the day itself then u tell me. 
Do not know there's such thing. Its totally a big shocking news for me. 
Totally speechless, 2 years time... it shouldn't be a problem but .... (don't feel to mention at here)

Anyway, after i know the truth, it does made me feel much relief than before. :)
After work off on last Saturday, we (me, Jessica, Dona and sis Flo) go to meet Ms Susie.
I just can't wait to get there and telling her what and how i feels. I always feels comfortable to tell and share everything with her as she's the only one whom i can fully trust. :)

When we reached there, my sis, Jessica and Dona sitting at another table while ms susie and i sitting at the bar. The moment we saw each other is just like we so long dint meet each other. Lol.
We took our order for dinner while waiting for the Mary Kay beauty consultant to come.
I told Ms Susie about whats on my mind and whats the thing bugging me these few days, too many confusions and i just can't live normal and keep on think-think-think and think. :-/ 
We had a long chat and finally i know what to do and really thanks so much to Ms Susie for giving her opinions n advice to me. 

Nothing much to say, and pictures below showing our night.


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