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New begin...

Monday, August 31, 2009
Started a new blog... =)
Relink me. =)

Am hoping for new exciting event for the rest of my life...
no holding back. no regret.

I guess its a good start for me as well as im now graduated and just waiting for the graduation ceremony.. After all, i just wanna rest myself and my mind and gonna work for a year and gonna continue my study again. I know some ppl may not be agree with me, but i really need to rest myself. =)

Tomorrow gonna go to college and will have briefing with our HOP regarding our graduation.
Cant wait to meet my frens and classmates.. =) as well as all the lecturers. =)
Daddy's grandma just passed away and lil sis Haylie just celebrated her full moon...
Hoping everything gonna be fine after this...

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